SKT Clid on his trust in Khan: “I don’t think Khan’s any worse than [Kiin]. So we were confident about giving Kiin Aatrox.”

There was no upset when it came to SK Telecom T1. The dubbed dream team of LCK defeated Afreeca Freecs with a 2-0 match score and a dominating performance. SKT gets a head start in Spring Split by finishing the first week with two victories. After the match, Riot Korea interviewed the MVPs of the match, Clid and Teddy.

Congratulations on the second victory of the split! How does it feel to start Spring Split with two victories under your belt?

Clid: I think we’ve got good momentum now. I hope that we can continue this streak and also win our next match.

Teddy: I just want us to continue in this trend. Fighting.

Clid, you showed good performance on Elise today. What’s your thought on Elise as a pick; do you think it’s a good champion in this meta?

Clid: In this meta, the pick that you are confident in is a good pick. I guess I’m confident in champions [like Elise] so I guess I picked her.

Clid, you focused heavily on the mid lane which led to victory in the first game. Why did you make this decision? Was it a shotcall from Faker?

Clid: There was a shotcall from Faker, but collaboratively we thought that there was an opening for a gank. So I went in, and that led to a good result.

Thank you. We also have to talk about Game 2, when you let Aatrox go past the ban phase, allowing Afreeca Freecs to pick him. Why did you open Aatrox to Kiin?

Clid: I do believe that Kiin is great. However, I don’t think Khan’s any worse than him. So we were confident about giving Kiin Aatrox.

And Teddy, you won MVP in Game 2 for your performance on Ezreal. Your ultimate accuracy on Ezreal was simply amazing!

Teddy: I guess I like just like hitting people in the game…haha. I think I had a good performance.

And how is your teamwork with Mata going? Is it going well?

Teddy: We’ll have to keep working on it. We already have good teamwork, however, it’s continuing to get better.

Again, congratulations on your second victory. Now you are looking toward the next match against SANDBOX Gaming. Sandbox showed very good performance today. What are your resolutions as you look ahead to that match?

Clid: We are already in good form. However, there are many more matches to go. We should continue to work hard.

Teddy: We won’t become overconfident. We will work hard, go out there with a fighting.


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