SKT qualifies to the 2019 LCK Summer Finals and Worlds

Image source: Ashley Kang

On 25th of August, KST, SK Telecom T1 qualified to the 2019 LCK Summer Split Finals and became the second team to qualify for 2019 World Championships.

At the second round of the LCK summer split playoffs, SK Telecom T1 went against DAMWON Gaming and took victory with a match score of 3-0. SK Telecom T1 steamrolled through the playoffs, defeating every team in their way in a dominating fashion. Despite the past match history with DAMWON Gaming this summer split, where Damwon has defeated SKT in both matches, SKT took the remaining seat of the finals with immaculate mechanics and pocket picks such as Pyke.

The summer split has been a rollercoaster for SKT. The defending LCK champions dropped all the way to 9th place at one point in the summer split. LCK fans were concerned of the team’s performance after the 2019 MSI as the traditional powerhouse seemed to slump, recording a 5-match losing streak at the beginning of the summer split.

However, the team jumped back to their feet. SKT propelled itself into a 9-match win streak and steadily stacked win points throughout the second round. The team concluded the regular split in 4th place, qualifying to the LCK summer split playoffs. 

SKT will now play against Griffin in the summer split finals. The finals will be held in Korea University Hwajeong Gymnasium on 31st of August, 2019.


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