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DAMWON Gaming qualifies to Worlds, Nuclear wants to beat Fnatic

Damwon Gaming has defeated Kingzone DragonX to take possession of the third and final seed to 2019 World Championship. Image source: Riot Games

Damwon Gaming has found victory in their series against Kingzone DragonX to confirm their appearance in the 2019 World Championship.

Riot Korea interviewed the starting members of Damwon Gaming and their head coach following the match.

Damwon Gaming grabs the third and final ticket to Worlds. We will be interviewing the victorious Damwon players and their head coach. Congratulations on your victory!

Micro, your team managed to make it to Worlds in their first year in LCK. I saw that your eyes were teary after the match. Can you tell us how you are feeling right now?

Micro: I’m feeling great at the moment. I’m also thankful to the players for having performed so well.

While you saw disappointing results in your last playoffs, today’s Damwon Gaming was a completely different team. The fans have especially praised the mental fortitude that was displayed by Damwon during the last match. What kind of preparation was done beforehand to produce this result?

Micro: We didn’t put an emphasis on our minds since we believed it will get better with experience. Instead of losing without putting up a fight, we played with the mindset that this was our last game, and if we lost this match, we would just head over to Han River and drown ourselves [Laughs]. I think it’s very difficult to develop your mental fortitude because it comes with experience.

Fortunately, there was no need for you to visit the Han River in this stormy weather. Moving on, Nuguri, your plays have been quite awe-inspiring throughout the series. Previously, you were well known to get first-blooded in many games, but you managed to avoid it in this match, and carry out your laning phase stably. Can you tell me what changed for you?

Nuguri: Uhh… [Crowd laughs]. I wouldn’t call it a change exactly. Since it was such a high-stake match, it was quite anxiety-inducing, and thanks to that I played a lot more passively. But I wasn’t satisfied [with my plays] up until Game 4, so going into Game 5, I thought “why not?” and went ham, which somehow worked out for us.

I am glad to see that you were satisfied with your plays in the end. Yasuo-Gragas was a central part of today’s pick and ban. ShowMaker, Yasuo is a champion that you did not play once this regular season. Can you tell us what prompted you to play the Yasuo today?

ShowMaker: I was abusing Corki and Akali for a long time now, but then other players caught on to it. So, I decided it was time to bring out a new champion, and I decided on the Yasuo, which I have been confident about playing for a long time.

Canyon, you both played and faced off against the Yasuo-Gragas duo. Can you tell us which side of the matchup you preferred?

Canyon: I was confident in both sides of the matchup [Crowd cheers].

Truly, the confident words of the Summer regular-season MVP! Nuclear, you stuck to the Kaisa for the majority of the series, being forced off it in Game 4 only, when your opponent took it away from you. Do you believe Kaisa as a champion fit best in the composition Damwon brought out today?

Nuclear: Since my team likes to play aggressively, Kaisa allows me to follow up on those plays, as well as make plays of my own. I was also confident about playing the Kaisa, which is why we picked it so often.

BeryL, you continued to perform on the Alistar throughout the series. We have prepared a highlight of one of your plays where you went for a sharp engage in the mid lane. Can you explain the process behind that initiation?

BeryL: Our team has pushed in the sidelanes in advance, and Renekton managed to take up a position in the backline. So, the whole team agreed to go for a dive in the mid lane.

Through the coordination and decision making of the team altogether, you managed to push the mid lane, and thanks to that play, eventually winning the game. While you managed to win the third game in a dominating fashion, you were greeted with a heartbreaking loss in Game 4. Nuclear, as the team captain, there must have been a lot of pressure on you. Can you tell us what you discussed with your teammate going into the fifth game?

Nuclear: Because we lost the fourth game after being in a highly advantageous position early on, I should have been focused on raising the team’s morale and taking care of the team’s mentality, but everyone else was taking care of that themselves. So, I focused on my own mentality before Game 5.

In the fifth game, Damwon Gaming once again found themselves dictating the game from early on. One of the plays that were instrumental in making this happen was Nuguri’s in the top lane. Nuguri, do you know which play I am talking about?

Nuguri: The 1v2 double kill?

That’s right! Can you tell us how you managed to do it?

Nuguri: Our team was grabbing advantages in the bottom lane, so I should have been more careful on the top side, but I think I was being a bit greedy here. In the end, it worked out for us. I went for it because I chunked down Camille’s HP beforehand, but overall I think I was lucky.

So you didn’t expect to get the double kill?

Nuguri: I thought I would be able to trade back with Camille at best. That was the expectation I had when I made that play, but I didn’t dream of getting a double kill there. I think it was just luck.

Thanks to Nuguri’s performance, as well as his teammates’, Damwon Gaming managed to take down Kingzone’s nexus for the third and final time. Micro, do you have any words for your players?

Micro: They are very inexperienced players, which is why I’m so proud they managed to make it this far. I am grateful for the amazing performances they put up this season.

Now, Damwon Gaming will be headed to the World Championship in Europe [Crowd cheers]. You must be both nervous and excited at the prospect. Starting from BeryL, do you have any words?

BeryL: Our first international tournament was this year’s Rift Rivals, but since we played in Korea, we didn’t quite get the impression that it was an international tournament. As a representative from Korea to the highest stage that is the World Championship, we will make sure to do our best. Thank you.

Nuclear, do you have any personal goal for this World Championship? Perhaps winning the whole thing?

Nuclear: Of course, winning the World Championship is one of my goal, but when I was competing in Europe with H2K, we lost to Fnatic in the Regional Qualifiers and failed to go to Worlds. This time, I would like to beat them in return.

ShowMaker, do you have a player you want to face off against?

ShowMaker: It’s not confirmed yet, but if iG makes it, I would like to meet Rookie. I really want to play against him!

How many times will you solokill him?

ShowMaker: I’ll be focused on not getting solokilled by him.

A realistic goal perhaps. I’m sure you will perform well. Canyon?

Canyon: Going into Worlds, I’ll make sure to practice smiting objectives in hopes I will do better when contesting objectives.

It seems you are a bit down due to being dissatisfied with your plays today. Are you alright?

Canyon: Oh we won in the end, so it doesn’t matter.

Right, I hope you continue to show good performance at Worlds. Now, Nuguri, do you have anything to say to the teams that are waiting for Damwon at Worlds?

Nuguri: Having made it to Worlds, our team, while lacking in experience, is willing to make bold plays. So I think you should be both excited and nervous about facing us!

Head coach Micro, could you address the fans?

Micro: When we first promoted to the LCK, the support of our fans was of great help to us. So I am always thankful to the fans, and we are always trying our best to show good performance. In the World Championship, if other LCK teams don’t manage to win it, we will make sure to come back with the Summoner’s Cup instead.

Thank you for the interview!


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