Cuzz when asked about their upcoming match against Gen.G: “Gen.G has been the center of attention for some time now. Teddy, Faker, Effort, all of us want to win.”

On the 13th of February, T1 was victorious in their match against KT Rolster to secure their second win of the split.

Teddy and Cuzz were interviewed by Riot Korea following the match.

T1 starts off their 2nd week of LCK with a victory. We will be meeting with today’s POGs [Player of the Game], Teddy and Cuzz. Hello!

Teddy and Cuzz: Hello!

How was the match today Teddy?

Teddy: Compared to our last matches, we ended this one quite a bit sooner, which I am happy about.

You said you looked at data from your previous games, which lasted longer in general than today’s games. Can you tell us what was done by the team to turn this trend around?

Teddy: We were given feedback regarding our long games, and I believe we played more decisively in today’s series.

Cuzz, it may not have been the same team, but you just faced your old coaching staff from last year. Can you tell us how you are feeling?

Cuzz: They may be my opponents now, but in the past, I learned so much from playing with them, and I am glad that we were able to win today.

In the first game, T1 choose to leave Akali open in favor of picking Aphelios first. Can you tell us what strategy was behind this move?

Teddy: Regarding Akali, we were confident that our mid and top laners will be fine with that matchup, which is why we left it open. Then, by picking Aphelios and Sett first, we thought it would work out great for us.

And it did! Aphelios does not have much survivability, and in past matches, we have seen mistakes from players regarding positioning during teamfights. However, your performance today could be described as perfect. We will have a look at one of the plays you made in the first game.

In this scene, you dodged enemy skillshots while pouring out damage. Can you give us any tips?

Teddy: Aphelios as a champion has a very high damage output at the moment. Instead of focusing on how to survive [in teamfights], you think about how to deal as much damage as possible and it

So, kill your opponents before they kill you? 

Teddy: Yes, that’s right.

I guess it’s a helpful tip, though it may be difficult to follow. Cuzz, you have been associated with Reksai for a long time now. Your Reksai has been banned against you 100% of the time this split. If your opponents were to ever leave it open, will it be picked as a high priority champion?

Cuzz: I’m always ready to play it, but I don’t get much chance to. There was an opportunity to pick it first round of the draft, however, we had to let it pass, and it was banned in the second ban phase.

Instead, you have been bringing out new and different champions. Today, you brought out Diana for the first time. Can you tell us what Diana’s biggest strength is in teamfights?

Cuzz: Diana is quite good into champions with little to no mobility. Since it’s an AP champion, it can also build Zhonya’s Hourglass, which helps reset aggro.

There was a moment in the second game, where you were able to turn around a dire situation with Olaf. Let’s have a look at it now.

What was your thought process during this skirmish?

Cuzz: We were trying to gank Aatrox here, and while we knew Zoe was coming, we thought it was too late to back off and instead turned on Gragas. When I got hit by the Sleepy Bubble, I thought I was dead, but fortunately for us, Gragas and Zoe were not quite on the same page, and we were able to turn it around.

I think both of you will be satisfied with your team’s performance today. You will be facing Gen.G in your next match. Do you have any words?

Teddy: We will be facing Gen.G in our next match. We will make sure to show good performance.

You will be facing your former teammate Clid as well. Does that work as additional motivation for you?

Teddy: [jokingly] I don’t think I can stand watching Clid win over us as our opponent. I think Faker and I will have to win this one, and we will make sure to work hard for it.

How about you Cuzz?

Cuzz: Gen.G has been the center of attention for some time now. Teddy, Faker, Effort, all of us want to win, so we will make sure to prepare hard for this series.

Congratulations, and thank you for the interview!


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