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SKT Effort after his second playoffs match: “I did make some mistakes today. However, for every time I make a mistake, I become stronger. […] I will make sure I come back stronger than ever.”

SKT has defeated Afreeca Freecs to advance to next round of playoffs.

SK Telecom T1 has defeated Afreeca Freecs to advance to the next round of LCK playoffs. With the unpredictability of a Bo3 match, both teams played at the knife’s edge throughout the series. However, experience won out in the end, with SKT taking the victory over Afreeca’s roster of young players.

Riot Korea interviewed the starting roster of SKT and after the match.

We will be interviewing not only the MVPs of today’s match but the whole team. SKT has come out victorious in the Wildcard match against Afreeca Freecs to advance to next round of playoffs. Congratulations!

The climb has started. Faker, as the team captain, can you tell us how you are feeling after the match?

Faker: As the first step in our climb, we had more struggles than we expected in our matches today. While I think the climb will be difficult, we will make sure to accomplish what we are hoping for.

Khan, since Afreeca is a team that enjoys constant fighting, you must have been prepared for that variable. Can you tell us the process behind your preparation?

Khan: Instead of changing our preparation for each different team, we focused on the mistakes we exhibited in our past games, and I think that allowed us to stand on this stage today, victorious.

Your performance on Vladimir in the first game has been quite exceptional. We will be looking at the teamfight that occurred around the Cloud Drake. Can you tell us how positioned yourself in that fight?

Khan: Instead of sticking with the team, since there were several wards for me to TP to, I told my team two minutes before the fight that it would be better for me to stick to the backline. It just went according to our plan.

In the second game, SKT was met with an unfortunate defeat. Teddy, Effort, can you tell us what kind of feedback was going on after that game?

Teddy: We played with the mindset to withstand the early game pressure since we thought Ezreal-TK would be better at late game. However, with Draven-Thresh bottom lane holding on lane priority, our team as a whole struggled to play against it. Draven stacking his passive was actually quite anxiety-inducing, so I decided not to play Ezreal (in the third game).

But it seems you have found a way to play the Draven matchup after just one game. How were you planning out our laning phase for the third game?

Teddy: We didn’t really find a way of playing the Draven matchup. It was more of our mid-jungle beating up our opponent’s bottom lane.

Effort, you used Tahm Kench in the first two games, only to switch to Alistar in the final game. It was your first time you played Alistar this split. What did you focus on the most during the match?

Effort: Regarding champions I play, we pick what we think is the best choice in each game, and I thought Alistar was the champion to play in that particular game.

In the third game, can you tell us why SKT didn’t ban Yuumi in the third game?

Effort: Because we had a way of countering Yuumi, and was capable of playing it, we decided to leave it open for the last game.

Clid, in the third game, you played the Sylas. Before the series, your Head Coach, kkOma, pointed out mid-jungle as the crucial roles in this matchup. Did he give any special advice before the third game?

Clid: Instead of anything specific, he told us that we should all play with the mindset that we are good and that as long as we don’t make any mistakes, victory will be ours. Because we kept that in mind, I think we were able to do well.

In the third game, we saw another fantastic teamfight from SKT near the Baron pit. The teamfight started off with an unfortunate death from Alistar. Khan, did you plan this fight?

Khan: While our Alistar died, we saw that our opponents were splitting up, we decided to pounce when we realized that we will be able to get to them first before the rest of their team.

It was quite a clean fight from SKT. What was notable was Faker and Clid cleaning up the opposition. Clid, did you think the game was tilted heavily to your favor after this fight?

Clid: We made sure to keep in mind that it wasn’t over yet and continued to play, but after we took Baron, I thought that we should be able to win from that point on.

Afreeca was quite fierce in their attempt to make a comeback. Effort, since you are a large part of the team’s shotcalling, what kind of calls did you give to your teammates?

Effort: It could have been a difficult game for me, due to me getting caught out and dying, but my teammates managed to keep me in check by comforting me. For this game, instead of me actively looking to do something, I was more of a follower for my fellow teammates’ calls.

You will be facing Sandbox Gaming in your next match. Do you have any words before the series?

Khan: Before playoffs spots were confirmed, our last opponent of the regular season was Sandbox Gaming. I remember beating them in that match, and because they are an opponent that we have already won against before, I don’t think it will be as difficult in the rematch. I hope we will be able to continue our climb. Thank you.

Clid: Because we made many mistakes in today’s match, I hope we show better performance in our next match.

Faker, I believe your father has come over to watch today’s match in person. Do you have anything to say?

Khan: [To Faker] Tell him that you love him!

Faker: I am thankful that he came…

Khan: Say “I love you”.

Faker: [Ignoring Khan] We have our match against Sandbox Gaming next. We will make sure to win.

For your fans, and your father, I hope so. Teddy, do you have anything to say?

Teddy: We are starting out from the bottom, and we will do our best to reach the top.

Lastly, Effort?

Effort: While I did make some mistakes today. However, for every time I make a mistake, I become stronger. In our next match, I will make sure I come back stronger than ever.”

Khan: Effort you’re so funny!

Thank you for the interview!


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