Jin Air Greenwings has been relegated for the LCK 2020 spring split

Jin Air Greenwings, a staple name in the LCK since 2012, will no longer be playing at LoL Park from next year. Jin Air has been relegated and will play in Challengers Korea from 2020 spring split.

On 10th of September, APK Prince won against HLE and was promoted to the LCK. The match result meant that instead of APK Prince, one of the two existing LCK teams would be relegated. The day after, on 11th of September, Jin Air Greenwings played the final match of the promotions against Hanwha Life Esports. JAG lost the best-of-five series on a 3-0 match score which means the team loses its LCK spot to APK Prince.

Hanwha Life Esports maintains its LCK spot and will return to the LCK from 2020 spring split.


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