KT Score to his fans: “Even if you may no longer support me, I hope nothing but good things in your lives.”

Score, after winning the 2018 LCK summer split, looks back at the stadium as his teammates clear the stage. Image Source: Laura Beaty for Korizon

At 17th of August, KST, KT Rolster played the team’s final match in the summer split. KT defeated Kingzone DragonX on a 2-1 match score, after a competitive and bloody series.

The match would decide KT Rolster’s post-season fate. If KT Rolster had lost the match, the team would go to relegation – Now the team must wait for the result of the match between Hanwha Life Esports and Griffin, held at 18th of August, the day after.

After the match the press room interviewed Go “Score” Dong-bin and Head Coach Oh “ZanDarC” Chang-jong.

KT Rolster has concluded the team’s final match of the summer split. It was a close series, and you have won on a 2-1. I’d like to ask how you are feeling.

Score: We have played our final match of the summer split. We rarely showed a convincing performance against the stronger teams in the league this split. Today was the same, however … We were able to beat a team that was higher than us in the LCK standings. I’m happy.

ZanDarC: The players, despite the immense pressure on their shoulders, stayed focused until the very last match. That was very positive. I’d like to thank all the players for their efforts, who stayed focused and showed good performance until the very end.

Is there any particular moment that you back and think — “If we had beaten this team, the situation wouldn’t have been as bad as this”?

ZanDarC: We lost to DAMWON Gaming at the beginning of the split. We began a losing streak starting from that defeat, and everything seemed to regress back to spring split from that point onwards. I tried to work with the players, really wanted to get through the tough period. However, what we ended up showing the fans was the same KT Rolster from the spring split. I’m regretful about how things turned out.

UmTi began starting for KT Rolster around the middle of the summer split. However, nearer the end of the split, Score began starting once again. Could you tell us your thought process behind this decision?

ZanDarC: We experimented with many variables throughout the split. Most teams were competitive, and all teams played around skirmishes. UmTi had a strength around this playstyle, and we were starting UmTi at some point in the split. However, as we progressed through the split, we decided that we have to look into our macro and increase our stability. Score is a veteran player who is exceptional in [stability and macro].

KT Rolster, despite acquiring star players such as Bdd and PraY, performed under expectation throughout the summer split. Image Source: Riot Korea

Coach ZanDarC, KT Rolster does not yet know whether the team will have to play for the relegations. Pushing that aside for now, however, what is the biggest lesson you took out of this split?

ZanDarC: Every single player in KT maintained their concentration and pushed through the difficult times. The players have learnt how to deal with the low periods. As of myself, it sounds like I’m repeating myself from the end of the spring split, but … I learnt how to look back at myself. 

Score, have you locked down the date for your military service?

Score: No.

Have you already decided in your mind that this will be your final LCK split, however?

Score: In my mind … I have decided that I will be retiring. This will be my final split. It’s difficult to say, as we may have a few more matches to say.

Did you think about the fact that it might be your final match during today’s match?

Score: I wasn’t too mindful of that fact throughout the match. Because we may have to play more matches [depending on who goes to the relegations], right. So it wasn’t on my mind until the end of the match, but when the match was over … Yes, the emotions did rush over me.

People commented on the fact you played Gragas, your signature pick. Was the decision to play Gragas symbolic in any way?

Score: The fact that this was my final LCK match did not impact my drafts or my in-game performance.

Score, the jungler for KT Rolster, won his first LCK title at the 2018 summer split. Image Source: Laura Beaty for Korizon

Score, you have been playing as a professional League of Legends for seven, eight years. You would have many highs and lows. If you look back to these years as a professional gamer, which moment or year stands out the most for you?

Score: Two years stand out in particular. First, I remember the year I started as a professional gamer. I had arrived in Seoul, I knew nothing, and my teammates during that time still pop up my thoughts now and then. Second, I really look back to last year, probably because that was the year I won the LCK.

The moment that you finally won a title.

Score: Personally, yeah. A very memorable moment for me.

I guess that will make this year even more regretful for you, in contrast.

Score: Yes.

In that case, what are your plans for the future?

Score: I may still play more matches. So I won’t be thinking about anything else until the final decision is made, I’ll wait. Then, I’ll slowly start to think.

Does that mean that you might start as the jungler, if KT Rolster ends up playing in the relegations?

Score: It will depend on the decision of the coaching staff.

Do you have any final words for your fans?

ZanDarC: I’m personally apologetic to my players, for not having yielded a satisfying result despite our players. I’d like to tell everyone that I hope the situation becomes better next year. I hope the players feel less pressured.

Score: This could have been my very final match. Nothing has been confirmed yet. This year, and always, I hold memories of the fans who supported me. Even if you may no longer support me, I hope nothing but good things in your lives. I wish you happiness.

Image Source: Ashley Kang for Korizon



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