Nuguri on facing TheShy in his next match: “I’ll pick Kleptomancy once more if I see an opportunity to. I hope we have a good match tomorrow!”

Nuguri after their match against ahq e-Sports Club. Image Source: Riot Games

Damwon Gaming has defeated ahq e-Sports Club to secure their first win in the Group Stage of 2019 World Championship.

Riot Korea interviewed Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon following the match.

We will be meeting with Nuguri, who’s team, Damwon Gaming, has recently won his match against AHQ. Congratulations on your victory today! We managed to meet once more in the Group Stage. How are you feeling after your win today?

Nuguri: While we, unfortunately, started off with a loss, we were able to get a win for ourselves, which I am happy about.

Can you tell us how you prepared for today’s match? There were some comments that your plays today weren’t quite as spicy as before and I was wondering if there was a difference in the preparation process.

Nuguri: Because we were playing right after the first game, there wasn’t as much preparation, but mostly feedback about the first game. Outside of that, we just played as we usually did.

A topic that can not go ignored in this year’s World Championship is your love for Kleptomancy. A lot of top laners have expressed wonderment at your rune choice. Can you explain once more why you favor Kleptomacy so much?

Nuguri: Inspiration tree has a lot of runes with utility, such as Magical Footwear, Biscuit Delivery, and Time Warp Tonic. Kleptomancy allows you to build a gold lead while giving you advantages through its utility.

However, it doesn’t always bring the best results. Did you receive any feedback for those matches?

Nuguri: There were certain matches where Kleptomancy wasn’t the most optimal choice, but I decided to pick it anyways. Because of that, our coach told me to better discern for myself optimal times to pick Kleptomancy.

In a previous interview, TheShy, Invictus Gaming’s top laner, claimed that Vladimir needed Phase Rush for teamfights and that you won’t be able to pick Kleptomacy against him. Do you have any words for TheShy?

Nuguri: I’ll pick Kleptomancy once more if I see an opportunity to. I hope we have a good match tomorrow!

Thank you for the interview!


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