CoreJJ regarding the state of bottom lane in 2019 World Championship: “Honestly, in my opinion there isn’t an OP pick in the bottom lane.”

CoreJJ after their match against ahq. Image Source: Riot Games

Team Liquid has defeated ahq e-Sports Club to secure their second victory of the Group Stage. With Damwon Gaming’s win over Invictus Gaming, the pressure was high on Team Liquid to win their next game to maintain hopes of finishing at the top of their Group. In a long grueling game, where flashy engages decided the fights for both teams, Team Liquid emerged, victorious.

Riot Games interviewed Jo “CoreJJ” Yong-in following the match.

We will be meeting with CoreJJ who has won his recent match against ahq. Congratulations on your victory! Could you introduce yourself to the Korean fans please?

CoreJJ: Right. Hello, I’m Team Liquid’s support player CoreJJ.

How are you feeling after your match today?

CoreJJ: We opted into every fight possible, and we lost all of it I think. However, we may have lost the battles, but we won the war. I think we were quite fortunate, and we will have to show cleaner performance in Week 2.

Your team was missing a ban during the draft. What happened?

CoreJJ: I use English for my client’s language and requested for it to be set that way beforehand. For some reason, the client was in English, but the champion names were in Korean. I wasn’t paying attention during the draft, and when I searched up Rumble in English it wasn’t showing up. I tried to search for Rumble in the mage tab, but I didn’t know he was under categorized as a tank. I wasn’t able to find Rumble in the end, and we missed a ban.

In your games today you showed made some flashy plays around the map, running all over the place like you had two hearts! Is your Rakan a pick that your team believes in as well?

CoreJJ: In the early game I was going around everywhere, and the game ended with me just running around. I do have regrets from this game, since in every lost teamfight I was dying to AOE along with my teammates when I was trying to shield them. I think I will have to review this game throughly,

After some time in the World Championship, there are talks that bottom lane is of great importance in this meta. Keeping this in mind, what do you think about Xayah-Rakan duo?

CoreJJ: I think they are strong picks. Honestly, in my opinion there isn’t an OP pick in the bottom lane. Everyone plays the champion they favor, the ones they want and in the case for our team that is Xayah-Rakan.

You have promised your bottom lane partner Doublelift that you will help him get out of groups. Do you have a message for him?

CoreJJ: You have been playing so well up until now. As long as this level of performance continues, maybe slight improvement in Week 2, I think we can get eliminated, I mean advance from Group Stage. So, I hope we do well.

Aren’t you going to say that in English?

CoreJJ: He’ll understand.

Thank you for the interview!


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