Griffin Lehends on playing Garen-Yuumi: “I personally enjoy playing it more [than Xayah-Rakan].”

Lehends after their match against Cloud9. Image source: Riot Games

Griffin has defeated Cloud9 to place themselves one step closer to quarterfinals of the 2019 World Championship.

Son “Lehends” Si-woo has been interviewed by Riot Games following the match.

We will be meeting with Griffin’s support Lehends, who’s team, Griffin, has won their recent match against Cloud9. Congratulations on your victory! Griffin had a great start to their matches today. How are you feeling?

Lehends: I think we were able to finish the match quite cleanly, which I am happy about. I am planning on preparing hard for the rest of the matches as well.

I wanted to ask about the draft. When Kayle was picked [by Cloud9], you swapped Akali to top lane and picked Camille mid. Was this a planned composition, or something that was adopted on the fly?

Lehends: It’s a bit hard to tell honestly. There were bits that were prepared, and in other parts, it was adapted in the given situation, so it was like half-half.

In this year’s World Championship, after playing against Xayah-Rakan in your previous matches, Griffin decided to pick the duo for themselves in the last game. What are your thoughts about Xayah-Rakan, and compared to Garen-Yuumi, which one do you find more enjoyable to play?

Lehends: I thought Xayah-Rakan was always good. To talk about Garen-Yuumi, I personally enjoy playing it more [than Xayah-Rakan]. The reason for that is because I can just stay still while being attached [to Garen] to win the game. I find that quite fun.

During the match, we have heard you say “why am I so good” in the team coms. Can you tell us whether you are satisfied with your performance today?

Lehends: I didn’t mean to say that, that just came out by mistake. There is still a lot of areas to work on.

Since today is such an important day, do you have any words?

Lehends: We came here to win all of our matches today. I hope the fans continue to support us!


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