[SC2 GSL Season 2: Code S] Trap on his last season: “Unlike all the previous times I went over to watch Maru play the finals, it was quite a different feeling, going over to watch after making it to semifinals.”

Trap being interviewed following his matches in Ro32. Image Source: AfreecaTV broadcast in http://afreecatv.com/afgsl

Will this day bring the wind of change once more? We will be interviewing Jin Air Greenwing’s Trap. Congratulations on your victories today!

Trap: Thank you.

You have managed to advance to Ro16. Tell us how you feel.

Trap: herO has a playstyle that was hard to anticipate, so I’m always worried whenever I face him. However, after taking the first game off of him, the rest of the series came through for me.

As well as your overall record against him, playing against herO must have reminded you of IEM as well. It must have been amazing having beaten such a tough opponent.

Trap: After losing that all-important match in IEM, I think nowadays I make sure I don’t lose to Dark Templars, building a bunch of observers just in case. While I have lost in IEM, I think I learned from the experience.

You also have reliable supporters around you, with your parents have come to cheer for you today. I believe they visit the studio many times.

Trap: Since we live close by, and the time works out well for us, they are able to a lot of times to see me. They tend to come in unannounced so that I don’t get pressured before matches.

Do they give you any bits of advice?

Trap: My mother sometimes does.

As in, she gives you an objective analysis of the game?

Trap: Well no, it’s mostly about the big picture, discussing what sort of game I should make for myself. They tend to watch all of my matches as well, including online ones.

Wow, in that case, they should have the eyes of an expert. In any case, I don’t believe they will have any advice for your PvZ, since it was so perfectly played today. You were able to find victory against Scarlett today, with both sides of the matches aiming for rushes or early all-ins, did the games go as you expected today?

Trap: I think all the games were played about as expected. While I prefer to dictate the game through macro, it is difficult for Protoss to beat a Zerg player with that sort of playstyle right now. That is also why we are seeing shorter games nowadays.

We are getting reminded of Season 1 tournament this year. Having achieved your career high in Ro4, what kind of experience was it for you?

Trap: Unlike all the previous times I went over to watch Maru play the finals, it was quite a different feeling, going over to watch after making it to semifinals. Since I got to Ro4 last season, I would like to make it to finals this time.

Another surprising news is that with other Jin Air players being eliminated in previous groups, you are their player to advance to the next round. Isn’t it a bit of an awkward situation for you as well?

Trap: It is. I thought my teammates would be advancing to Ro16, but then they got eliminated. When I saw other players’ matches, I also witnessed a lot of upsets, which made me quite nervous before the matches today.

Do you have any words of heading into this season of GSL?

Trap: I think advancing from Ro32 to Ro16 is no biggie.

Oh, it isn’t anymore?

Trap: I hope to become a player that takes advancing from Ro16 to Ro8 for granted.

We will look forward to your future matches. Again, congratulations on your victories today!

Trap: Thank you.


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