Faker on how he shotcalls for Baron: “I often throw during Baron attempts in my solo queue games. I believe that [the quality of] my shotcalls are the result of such efforts.”

Image Source: Twitch/lck_korea

On the 3rd of August, KST, SK Telecom T1 continued its win streak in the LCK summer split yet again by defeating Afreeca Freecs on a 2-0 match score.

After the match, Riot Korea interviewed the two MVPs of the match, mid laner Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok and jungler Kim “Clid” Tae-min.

Faker, congratulations! Were you predicting another victory today?

Faker: I initially had a bad feeling about today. But it’s a big relief that we won.

How are you feeling about the victory, Clid?

Clid: It’s nice that we are keeping up with our winning streak.

It was impressive how you gave Corki away to Afreeca Freecs and first-picked Rakan instead. What was SK Telecom T1 trying to do?

Faker: Since Effort plays Rakan so well and aggressively, we didn’t hesitate to pick him. We have a lot of trust for our bot lane, and that made us draft in such an order.

At the Baron pit engage, you said in the in-game comms that Kennen doesn’t need to teleport in for the teamfight. Was Khan just not an important part of the plan?

Faker: Well, even if the top laner dies, it’s worth it for our team … There was no need for his help when getting the Baron. I didn’t consider it a special circumstance since it just made sense to start the Baron at that point.

That reminds me, Faker’s Baron shotcalls is commonly known as ‘the Miracle Baron Calls.’ Does your excellent shotcalling ability come from pure talent or hard work?

Faker: I often throw during Baron attempts in my solo queue games. I believe that my shotcalls are the result of such efforts.

The team struggled quite a bit at the beginning of game two. All the lanes were going bad for SKT. Clid, you must have felt pressure about the situation as the jungler of the team. Did you see the chance to reverse the game?

Clid: We had the scaling comp, so we played for the late game, slow and steady. Despite every death we got, I kept the mindset of playing slow and steady. I think that gave us this positive result.

Faker, in the second game, you picked Karma for the first time in the summer split.

Faker: I had to pick Karma since we were against a full-engage comp. I’m kinda regretful about game two, though. I took Kleptomancy, but I didn’t pick up much gold. Maybe the enemy just didn’t have any gold I can steal? I had a pretty hard time in the game because of this.

Clid, around the end of the first game, you were preventing Aiming from going back to base as Afreeca’s Nexus was going down. You were dancing during this time.

Clid: It was partly for the laughs. The players tend to enjoy these type of things amongst ourselves. It was mainly for fun.

We need an explanation from you, Faker. We saw a footage of your Ezreal 1v1 against Khan. Did you keep it a secret from us because you lost?

Faker: Um … No … I think the producer enjoys releasing those footages to make it look like I lose all the time.

There are only three matches remaining for the second round of the summer split. I can only imagine how nervous you are. I’d like to hear how you will prepare for the rest of the matches.

Clid: Since we are on a high road, we’ll have to try to win the rest of the matches so that we don’t break the winning streak.

I’d like to hear your resolution as well, Faker.

Faker: We only have three matches left. We have to start thinking about our playoffs performance. It’ll be extremely important to keep the winning streak going, so I hope to continue performing well.


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