Griffin is going to 2019 World Championship

Griffin finally made it to Worlds. Image Source: Ashley Kang for Korizon

On 18th of August, Griffin has finally achieved the team’s long-time milestone. The team ended the 2019 summer split at the first place in the LCK standings, automatically qualifying themselves for 2019 League of Legends World Championship.

Griffin made its meteoric entrance to the LCK at the 2018 summer split. Freshly promoted to the league from Challengers Korea, Griffin shocked the world by finishing their first split in the 1st place. The team was left just short of qualifying for World Championship, however, by losing to KT Rolster at the 2018 summer split finals on a 3-2 match score.

2019 World Championship will be held in Europe. The Play-In and Group Stage will be held in Berlin, the quarter and semi-finals in Madrid, and the finals in Paris.


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