Viper regarding Griffin’s telepathic team comms during fights: “…We tend to go quiet, but when the fight is over, we start cheering.”

Viper and Tarzan are the MVPs of today's match against SKT. Image source: Korizon

Griffin has defeated SK Telecom T1 in a 2-0 series in Week 3 of 2019 LCK Summer split. Being the rematch from last Spring split’s finals, Griffin was able to achieve revenge against SKT, unperturbed by surprise roster changes that were done by their opponents, including the unexpected debut of Kim “Gori” Tae-woo in the mid lane.

Riot Korea has interviewed Park “Viper” Do-hyeon and Lee “Tarzan” Seung-yong following the match.

With Griffin’s victory today, they were able to maintain their hold over first place. We will be meeting with MVPs of today’s match, Viper and Tarzan.

You have won the series with a clean 2-0. How was the match today Viper?

Viper: We played a longer game than we usually did, but I am glad we were able to win today.

Tarzan, Griffin is the first LCK team to achieve their fifth victory of the split. Can you tell us how you are feeling right now?

Tarzan: I think each player’s concentration in today’s match was great, and that it brought a satisfying result for ourselves.

Viper, you brought out Xayah in the first game. This was the first time you brought it out in LCK, having only picked it in regional qualifiers and KeSPA Cup last year. You currently have a record of 3-0 on the champion, is there a reason you don’t pick Xayah more often?

Viper: I didn’t give it too much thought before. I think it’s because there were champions that were better situationally, which was why it wasn’t picked as often.

In the first game, with Camille and Sejuani being played by your opponents, there were some talks on whether you would opt to go QSS. However, you instead decided to go for more damage. Is this due to your faith in Lehends to peel for you?

Viper: No it wasn’t that. Because I had Xayah ult to peel for myself, I thought there was no need to build QSS.

The last teamfight for Elder Dragon in the first game was quite spectacular. Can you explain the idea behind your positioning there?

Viper: Because the situation looked grim for us, with the need to grab Elder Dragon buff, we moved towards them, and we started fighting, it just worked out well for us.

Griffin’s com has been very quiet throughout the entirety of the teamfight. Is this a common occurrence for Griffin?

Viper: Because we don’t talk about, I’m not quite sure myself. During teamfights, we tend to go quiet, but when the fight is over, we start cheering

In the second game, SKT swapped in three players. Was there any change in strategy from Griffin’s side as well?

Tarzan: Even if there are roster changes being made by our opponents, we had the mindset of playing the way we usually did, which I think helped us win.

You once again picked Olaf in the second game. You once said you were different from other Olaf players. This is despite saying Olaf isn’t that great of a champion right now. Can you tell us about that?

Tarzan: Olaf as a champion isn’t that great, quite mediocre really. But I’m confident about piloting him well.

In today’s games you showed pathing where you were seemingly predicting and playing around your opponent’s vision coverage. Can you tell us how you practice that kind of skill?

Tarzan: There isn’t a specific practice for it, but since I have played a lot of games, I think I was able to do so instinctively.

Perhaps that is why you are so dominant in Solo Q. Viper you played Kleptomacy Sivir in the second game. Can you tell me why?

Viper: Usually Sona would play in the lane with Kleptomacy. Since it feels bad to get all those gold ripped off from you, I was going to do the same as well. However, Sona didn’t go Kleptomacy as I expected, which left me in an awkward spot.

Griffin was able to continue their winstreak. Your next opponent will be Jin Air Greenwings. Can we hear your plans for this match?

Viper: We will try our best in our series against Jin Air Greenwings as well, and strive to win with an entertaining match.

Tarzan: We won’t let down our guards for our next match against Jin Air and make sure to show up with a high level of performance.


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