KT Score says he is proud that “I played in the LCK until the moment I retired.”

Bdd and Score are the MVPs of today's match against Kingzone DragonX

KT Rolster concluded their 2019 summer split with a victory, maintaining their hopes of escaping relegations.

After the match, Riot Korea interviewed Gwak “Bdd” Bo-seong and Go “Score” Dong-bin.

You were able to finish off your last regular season match with a victory. We will be meeting with KT Rolster’s Bdd and Score. Hello!

You guys have put in a lot of effort in today’s victory, which was very crucial in order to escape playing in the relegations. Bdd, can you tell us how you are feeling?

Bdd: We must still wait on the results for tomorrow’s match [between GRF and HLE]. Regardless, we really wanted to win today’s match. We came together as a team I’m glad that we were able to make it happen.

I can still hear the echos of the applause from the KT players when the series ended. Score, it seems your eyes are a bit red. Was today’s victory more meaningful to you than ever?

Score: I desperately wanted to win today’s match. With that thought, we were able to make a comeback victory. I was deeply moved.

KT’s determination resonated in their performance. Score, what area did the team focus on the most today?

Score: Instead of different areas, each individual focused on performing well in their given role.

And each and every one of the players each played magnificently. We will look at the first game. Your objective control was very impressive, finishing the game with three Barons and two Elders taken. I wanted to ask about the first Baron, which was right after a loss in teamfight by KT. Can you tell us who was behind that particular shotcalling?

Score: When everyone was pushing the wave, SnowFlower spoke out, asking the team “how about we go for Baron?”. We all agreed to try it. If I remember it correctly, SnowFlower was the one who first said it.

Bdd, you played against Vel’Koz in all three games. However, you changed your runes for some of these games. Can you explain what the idea behind it was?

Bdd: In the first game, our opponent’s jungler was quite strong early on. So I played a bit more passively. But, when our opponent’s jungler didn’t punish me despite that, from the second, I decided to go for lane priority and try to push the lane.

Bdd, in the first game you performed an outplay at the mid lane. It was a very impressive Shurima Shuffle. Can you tell us the process behind your decision making here?

Bdd: I believe we were able to see a good angle for a teamfight. We just had to keep in mind the possibility of Alistar coming in from behind. The opponent bot laner didn’t have Flash on, either, which allowed us to go in aggressively.

Going into the third game, KT opted to not ban any of the top lane champions, focusing instead of eliminating jungle and support pool. Can you tell us what the strategy behind this was?

Score: I’m afraid I can’t quite remember. I think we just banned champions that our opponents are good at.

Score, you blind picked Gragas at game three. Can you tell us about that?

Score: I think Gragas blind pick can work out well in the current meta. Gragas is a champion I was confident in, I told the team I was quite comfortable with the idea of piloting the champion. We picked him because of this.

To Bdd, when SnowFlower got his hands on Nautilus, did it work as a confidence booster for KT?

Bdd: Yes, just looking at his face was enough to inspire confidence. Thanks to that I think we were able to play more assertively.

Compared to the first game, the third game was won in a more comfortable manner. Score was quite impactful in the top lane teamfight that occurred. Score, can you explain the situation?

Score: I was on standby because I thought Kingzone would be looking to start a fight. Then I noticed Ezreal walk past. Since I thought he didn’t have his Flash on, I immediately threw my cask.

Your reaction speed is truly amazing. After a struggle, KT was able to take this series 2-1. The fans have been here for quite some time now. On whether KT plays relegations or not will depend on tomorrow’s match against Griffin and Hanwha Life Esports. Bdd, would you like to say anything, a cheer for Griffin players?

Bdd: We have been cheering for Hanwha Life’s opponents in their previous matches. However, our prayers weren’t being heard. So, I’m not going to get excited. I will not be expecting anything, but expect it anyways. Thank you!

Score, this was possibly your very last LCK match. Fans would have a lot of things in their mind, with many things they want to hear from you. Do you have anything to say?

Score: I’m a bit flustered, so I’m not quite sure what to say. I believe this might have been my final LCK match. I would like to thank the fans who supported me, as well as the those who were able to find some entertainment from my plays. I will live out my life well. Thank you.

Score, this might just be your very last LCK interview. Can you tell us which moment is most memorable for you, during the time you played in the LCK?

Score: My most memorable moment [in the LCK] is … The fact that I played in the LCK until the moment I retired. I hope the LCK continues when I am gone so that I will have something to watch and be entertained by from outside.

Bdd, you have played alongside Score for quite some times. Do you have a message for him?

Bdd: While the season is over, we still have plenty of time with one another. I hope we get to have a bit of fun time together until we say goodbye. You put in a lot of work. Take care.


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