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[SC2-GSL Season 2: Code S] so0: “Honestly, I knew that Protoss was OP for a long time, but no one believed me. Now, everyone seems to be realizing it.”

soO being interviewed following his matches in Ro32. Image Source: AfreecaTV broadcast in

Eo “soO” Yoon-soo has defeated Han “aLive” Lee-seok and Jang “Creator” Hyun-woo to advance to Ro16 of GSL Season 2: Code S.

soO was interviewed by AfreecaTV following the matches.

We will be meeting with our second player to advance from Group D, soO. How do you feel?

soO: I didn’t know if I will be able to advance, so I am glad that I was able to. I think I was quite lucky to be able to do so.

After your victory in IEM Katowice World Championship, your record in previous GSL Season was Ro32, right? Oh, my mistake, Ro16.

soO: Well, Ro32 or Ro16, there isn’t that much difference.

Again, sincere congratulations on your victory in IEM. One thing that’s building up the expectation for you this season is the various advertisements we can see near the FreecUP studio, congratulating your recent victory. You didn’t give up on GSL yet, did you?

soO: [Laughing] No I did not. I am practicing very hard right now.

In your matches today, we can see that with the PvZ matchup, the Protoss players have been going for earlier timing attacks. As if to match that, you exploited even earlier timings and attempted all-ins. 

soO: Nowadays, when I play a ZvP match, I win around 2 out of 10 games. So my confidence was at an all-time low going into the match. To create some unexpected variables I went for an all-in, and I managed to win easily.

Hearing this from you, it seems the way the game flows right now is not the best fit for you. Are Protoss’s all-ins too strong right now?

soO: Honestly, I knew that Protoss was OP for a long time, but no one believed me. Now, everyone seems to be realizing it.

Even you,  soO, a high-class player, find matchup against your nemesis Dear tricky to face. You have, once again, failed to take the victory in the matchup. 

soO: I have no thoughts left about overcoming him, and just hope he loses against someone else.

Whatever happens, the fans are just waiting for your GSL Championship title. Do you have any last words?

soO: For some time, I have slacked off, not practising as much and playing around. After seeing Classic, however, it lit the flame inside me once again, and I have regained my motivation. I would like to thank him. He owns the top seed if I remember correctly, and since we are on good terms, I hope he’s nice to me in Group selections for Ro16.

Again, congratulations on your victories today!

soO: Thank you.


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