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[SC2-GSL Season 2: Code S] Patience: “I knew INnoVation well, so I was confident that as long as I prepare hard I could win.”

Patience being interviewed following his matches in Ro32. Image Source: AfreecaTV broadcast in

The opening day of GSL Season 2: Code S began with a monumental upset. Jo “Patience” Ji Hyun was able to achieve first place in his Group, confirming his spot in Ro16 while eliminating one of defending champions in Lee “INnoVation” Shin Hyung and Cho “Maru” Seong Ju.

Patience was interviewed by AfreecaTV following the matches.

The opening day of GSL began with a huge upset. We will be meeting Patience, who has defeated two defending champions. Congratulations on your victory!

Patience: Thank you.

You have defeated two Terran greats to crown yourself first place in Group A. How do you feel?

Patience: I am happy because I feel I was able to achieve today’s victories thanks to my practices.

The two players are defending champions of GSL. Were you confident you can beat them going into the match?

Patience: I know INnoVation well, so I was confident that as long as prepare well I could win. With Maru, I thought it was going to be a tough matchup, but after reviewing VODs, I was able to prepare specifically [for the match against Maru].

We were able to see signs of this potential in GSL Super Tournament, where you were quite possibly the most difficult opponent eventual winner Classic played against. It must have been quite a pity [to have lost] given your talents. 

Patience: I really wanted to win the Super Tournament, but in that match, I made too many mistakes, which was quite regretful.

In the last game, despite Maru having started with a Bunker in his natural, you were able to get through the defenses with an all-in.

Patience: After I managed to kill his Reaper, I amassed my army and rushed in, which, I think, became one of the contributing factors to my victory.

Against your two opponents, you utilized Resonating Glaives to great success in your all-ins. Were you planning on using this strategy against both players?

Patience: Originally, I was going to use against Maru only, but I felt I had to win against INnoVation first [to face Maru in the Winner’s match] so I used this and that and it worked out well.

Originally, it looked as if INnoVation was going to be able to defend his base if his Siege Tanks did not get down to defend his natural. 

Patience: Yes, it seems he was going to be able to defend, with the Bunker being set up quickly when the Siege Tanks came down from his main to defend.

Patience, you were always noted for your high potential, regarded as a player that is able to beat anyone. However, you were plagued with inconsistent plays throughout your career. There must have been a lot of hard work and effort to overcome this.

Patience: Yes, in the past I would practice by playing a lot of games before the day of the match. However, I recently changed by not playing any games a few days before the match, focusing mainly on my thoughts.

Patience, at one point last year, you were the first person to be drafted for Group nomination. Will this time be different?

Patience: I hope it is different. If I get picked first again, well I’ll have to prepare hard.

And I hope you come back with a vengeance. With this series of upsets, we are excited to see what you will show in the future. Do you have any last words for the fans?

Patience: I was able to be the first person to be confirmed in Ro16 which I am happy about. For the next round, I hope I will be to draft a good group and prepare hard to find more victories. Thank you.


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