[SC2-GSL Season 2: Code S] Impact: “I’m not sure why I win all the time whenever I play against Zest… However, whenever we play against one another, he makes plays that I can predict.”

Impact being interviewed following his matches in Ro32. Image Source: AfreecaTV broadcast in http://afreecatv.com/afgsl

Group B of GSL Season 2: Code S found their first Ro16 player. Kim “Impact” Joon Hyuk was able to defeat the likes of Joo “Zest” Sung Wook and Choi “Trust” Sung Il with a clean 2-0 each to establish himself as 1st place in his group while confirming his spot in the next round of the tournament.

Impact was interviewed by AfreecaTV following the matches.

He was able to once again show the potential he exhibited in GSL Season 1. We will be meeting Impact. Congratulations on your victories today! 

Impact: Thank you.

You were able to reach Ro16 in quite a laid back fashion. Tell us how you feel about achieving first place in your Group. 

Impact: I thought that I could get first place if I beat Zest, but when I was facing off against Trust, I got a feeling that if I lost the Winner’s match, I could get eliminated. So with a bit of a struggle, I was able to win.

You never lost your smile throughout the whole day. Weren’t you ever pressured with thoughts such as “I’m behind”, “it’s not working”, “this is difficult” while you played?

Impact: Fortunately for me, all the games went accordingly to the plan except for the first one.

In the past, you were regarded as a player that underperformed in offline matches. Do you even remember when you were such a player?

Impact: Even now, I don’t think I’m quite that good at the moment. But, as I climb to higher stages, I think I can get better.

With results of today’s matches, you were able to find revenge against Trust for your previous loss to him, and affirm your status as a counter to Zest in a dominating fashion. It seems you are quite suited at predicting and countering Zest’s plays, with the first game of the series supporting the idea. 

Impact: I’m not sure why I win all the time whenever I play against Zest. Zest is one of the highest-ranking Protoss players in the ladder as well, and he’s definitely not an easy opponent. However, whenever we play against one another, he makes plays that I can predict.

Last season, you were eliminated by Maru after losing twice to him. While we didn’t see it today, the ZvT matchup for you. Were you able to find an answer after all this time?

Impact: In my current state, I am confident in both Protoss and Terran matchups, that I prefer those matchups over ZvZ, so I don’t mind playing against a Terran player.

The aforementioned Maru was eliminated yesterday. What are your thoughts regarding that?

Impact: I didn’t expect it at all, and I didn’t get emotional about it. But I was amazed that it did happen, and made me once again reconsider about GSL. That anyone can climb high in GSL, or fall.

You have much more to prove this season. Any last words going into Ro16?

Impact: This is my third consecutive time I was able to reach Ro16, and I am glad since I think my performance seems to improve each time. This time, I will make sure to reach Ro8, so please cheer for me. Thank you.


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