[SC2-GSL Season 2: Code S] Hurricane: “Solar considers of me as an easy opponent, thinking that he can beat me whenever we meet in tournaments. So this time, I prepared really hard and the results showed the fruit of my labor.”

Hurricane being interviewed following his matches in Ro32. Image Source: AfreecaTV broadcast in http://afreecatv.com/afgsl

Nam “Hurricane” Ki Woong has defeated Kang “Solar” Min Soo to be the second and last person from Group C to advance to Ro16.

Hurricane has been interviewed by AfreecaTV following the matches.

We were able to witness a completely different Hurricane today. We will be meeting him right now. Congratulations on your victories today.

Hurricane: Thank you.

Today, you managed to be the victor. Tell us how you feel.

Hurricane: Because I prepared very hard for matchups I was weak in, I was planning on winning the match against Solar, and then the Winner’s Match to proceed out of the group in first place. However it didn’t work out as planned, and I was worried whether I will be able to advance or not, but by trying my best until the very end, I was able to proceed to the next round.

I was curious how you feel if you beat your nemesis, Solar, who you never managed to defeat since the release of Legacy of the Void in offline tournaments. You guys used to be teammates as well. With Solar having such a dominant record over you, how did you feel when you managed to finally defeat him?

Hurricane: Solar considers of me as an easy opponent, thinking that he can beat me whenever we meet in tournaments. So this time, I prepared really hard and the results showed the fruit of my labor.

It has been a short time, but we could see changes to your playstyle. Were you this good at all-ins in the past? In the past, you were more well known for your solid macro, but recently you have shown that you possess great micro as well. Did you find this new playstyle by yourself, or was there any outside help?

Hurricane: Recently, Protoss players seem to have exhausted their strategies in PvZ matchup, and I felt I need to create something new for my match against Solar. I spent the time thinking a lot about my old playstyle, as well as other things, and I’m glad that my build came through just as it did in practices.

Today, in the Winner’s match against Classic, you played well against him, which is why it must be such a pity [that you lost the series]. How was it?

Hurricane: I think I was given chances to win in both games, but in offline tournaments, PvP is a difficult matchup and I feel I need to work on that.

The last game against Classic, do you think it was due to you being hurried in your plays. I feel the game might have gone better if you were a bit more patient. What do you think?

Hurricane: Last game, when Classic came to harass, my head was filled with the thoughts that I should get all of Classic’s army, and did not pay proper attention to my own losses, which lead to mistakes. These are also things I need to improve on.

Now that you have advanced to Ro16, what kind of results are you expecting?

Hurricane: While I am glad that I have made it this far, honestly I don’t know what kind Group I will end up in, but no matter I think I can get good results as long as I prepare hard.

Tell us your goal for this season’s GSL.

Hurricane: Of course, my goal is winning the championship, that’s why I am playing this game. That’s why I will prepare hard and even if I do bad, I would like to advance out of Ro16.


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