[SC2-GSL Season 2: Code S] GuMiho: “Unfortunately, I keep on showing my army get decimated by Psy Storms lately, so I’ll make sure work on that.”

GuMiho being interviewed following his matches in Ro32. Image Source: AfreecaTV broadcast in http://afreecatv.com/afgsl

Koh “GuMiho” Byung Jae has defeated Choi “Trust” Sung-il to be the last person from Group B to confirm a spot in Ro16. After his loss to Trust in his first match, there were worries over GuMiho’s chances of advancing to the next round. However, he was quick to rebound back from the loss, finding a 2-0 win over Joo “Zest” Sung-wook to play the Finals Match against Trust once more, where he was able to find revenge with a 2-1 victory.

GuMiho has been interviewed by AfreecaTV following the matches.

Can we expect more from this season following his performance in GSL Super Tournament? We will be interviewing GuMiho. Congratulations on your win.

GuMiho: Thank you.

The Finals Match was quite suspenseful. Tell us how you feel.

GuMiho: After losing 0-2 in my first match, I thought I was going to be eliminated, but I am glad that I was able to climb higher in the end. Unfortunately, I keep on showing my army get decimated by Psy Storms lately, so I’ll make sure work on that.

You may have gotten hit by a lot of Psy Storms, and you say that have lost to your opponent in a dominant fashion in your first match, but you did not fall twice against the same opponent. What were your thoughts regarding how to defeat Trust in the rematch?

GuMiho: Because it wasn’t going so well for Trust in the rematch, he was focusing on completing his Psy Storm upgrade. Also, he was building a lot of pylons everywhere, so after getting rid of them, I thought that I could win if I went for an attack. However, I wasn’t able to control my units very well, so it didn’t work out that great for me.

It seems you were aiming to exploit a tricky timing. However, it didn’t work out for you in the second game. What do you think contributed to your losses?

GuMiho: When I was fighting under the ramp, I thought I misplayed hard there, and since Protoss 2-2 upgrades will be done earlier than Terran’s 2-2, I tried to exploit the 1-1 timing, but due to my poor micro I messed up.

So the best way to counter Protoss’s double forge is to attack them when they are at 1-1 upgrade timing?

GuMiho: Yes, against Protoss, go for a huge skirmish, and then force the Protoss to waste energy, eventually transitioning to macro control. It didn’t work out that well which was why I changed over to mech. Then, when my opponent decided to all-in, I was able to take advantage of it to my favor.

After a tough match, you were able to confirm your placement in Ro16. After your performance in GSL Super Tournament, where you were able to make the finals, it must have been quite a shame given how close you were. 

GuMiho: While rationally, I knew that 2nd place was a great achievement, emotionally it was quite difficult for me. I thought that would affect my performance today, as TvP hasn’t been going in my favor lately. I hope that I get past Ro16, then R08, Ro4 and eventually make it all the way to finals and win.

I am quite afraid you will end up in another Group of death, as you tend to not back away from taunts.

GuMiho: But really, there really isn’t an easy group. If it isn’t A, all of them are hard groups. So, there really isn’t much difference which one you choose. Still, it’s better to pick someone right?

We are hoping to see another momentum similar to one we saw in the GSL Super Tournament. Do you have any last words to the fans?

GuMiho: I’ll make sure to do well this season and make it to BlizzCon. I hope all of you will support me. Thank you.


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