[SC2-GSL Season 2: Code S] FanTaSy: “I am confident about preparing for 1v1s, so my first goal is Ro8, and if I get there, I feel like I can reach higher.”

FanTaSy being interviewed following his matches in Ro32. Image Source: AfreecaTV broadcast in http://afreecatv.com/afgsl

After 2015 GSL Season 2, Ro16, we will be seeing a player that had returned after 4 years, during which he had performed his military services. We will be interviewing FanTaSy. Congratulations on your victories!

FanTaSy: Thank you.

It has taken you a while to get to this stage. Tell us how you feel.

FanTaSy: At first, because I thought I prepared well, I would be able to advance to Ro16 without too much trouble, but I was in a tough spot during the last game, and I wondered if this was the last of me. However, after playing it out, I was able to find a comeback victory. I didn’t think I could be this happy, but I was, more than I expected myself.

Port Alexandar game was quite the spectacle. With such back and forth games, what did you think?

FanTaSy: Since it was not a prepared scenario, after getting behind early on the game went in a weird direction. It was the kind of game that Leenock was also unfamiliar with, so it turned into quite the brawl, but I guess I was more desperate.

I didn’t expect you to show such good performance so recently after your return. Wasn’t it a difficult process, regaining your old strengths?

FanTaSy: There were a lot of moments where considered giving up, one of which was a recent thought. But, I grabbed hold of my mentality and tried harder, and we were able to get good results today off of it. I think in the future, I will be able to try even harder thanks to the results today.

Compared to your form before performing military services, do you think you are back in terms of your skills?

FanTaSy: No, I think I’m still lacking a lot. Because I thought that today’s Group would be about as difficult as the matches in Ro16, I thought that I would do well if I reach the round, but now, I think I need to work on a lot of things. After preparing more, I will make sure to advance from Ro16 to onwards.

In your first and third match, your TvZ has been quite notable, going from Bionic to the stable Mech build. Do you use Mech build often in TvZ?

FanTaSy: I think I’m half-half with it. One of the last things I prepared for was Bionic build, but it didn’t work out as well as I imagined it will, due to unexpected situations. I’ll make sure to prepare harder during my remaining time.

What are your goals for this tournament?

FanTaSy: Semifinals. I am confident about preparing for 1v1s, so my first goal is Ro8, and if I get there, I feel like I can reach higher.

How about winning the whole tournament?

FanTaSy: In that case, I will make that my goal

Do you have any last words for the fans?

FanTaSy: A lot of people I know came over to watch. Colleagues, fans, players that came after me. Thanks to them, I was able to concentrate even more, and I hope they will be able to make it to my next matches. Thank you.


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