Full, unedited translation of Still8 CEO Seo Kyung-jong’s statement on 18th of October, KST

On 18th of October, KST, an announcement was made on the homepage of Still8, still8.gg. The announcement came from Seo Kyung-jong, the CEO of Still8. Still8 is the parent company of Griffin, and the announcement discussed the recent controversies around Griffin and the team’s management, statements of the team’s former coach Kim “cvMax” Dae-ho, and allegations around player Seo “Kanavi” Jin-hyeok.

Below is the full, unedited translation of the statement on the homepage of Still8.


This is Seo Kyung-jong (KR: 서경종), the CEO of Still8.

First of all, we deeply feel the responsibility regarding the recent issues regarding the management of Griffin team, and we bow and apologise to all esports fans in honestly.

Most of all, we offer our deep apology to the many fans who loved Griffin, to coach Kim “cvMax” Dae-ho who should have had been severely hurt emotionally, to Griffin LoL team players who are preparing for and going through the tournament even at this moment, for the recent issue.

Coach cvMax is a coach who contributed greatly to elevating Griffin to its current position. It is our lack that we have given cvMax the sense of void for this contribution. Also, as the CEO of Still8, I deeply feel for the gravity of the current situation.

As the countless domestic and international fans are expressing their censure, we/I decided that we cannot push back a Still8-wide response. Through an internal investigation, for any wrong committed, we plan to invoke due responsibility to all responsible individuals involved including Director Cho Kyu-nam (KR: 조규남)’s dismissal.

However, the players of Griffin have qualified to Worlds, the biggest stage for LoL professional gamers, and are completing their due schedule. Even if you feel extreme loss and frustration about the current situation, we sincerely ask you to wait for our response until the players complete their schedule and return safely. After Worlds, we will proactively communicate any facts that we have investigated/found until the fans completely understand [the situation].

Also, Riot Korea, Riot China, KeSPA are investigating the issue regarding Seo “Kanavi” Jin-hyeok (KR: 서진혁). Still8 will proactively participate in this investigation.

Again, we apologise to the fans who will have felt an immense loss from the current situation.

October 18th 2019 (Korean Standard Time)

Still8 CEO Seo Kyung-jong


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