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[SC2-GSL Season 2: Code S] Dear: “However, since Maru is out now, I am more confident about playing against other Terran players.”

Trap being interviewed following his matches in Ro32. Image Source: AfreecaTV broadcast in

Baek “Dear” Dong-jun has defeated Jang “Creator” Hyun-woo and Eo “soO” Yoon-soo to advance to Ro16 of GSL Season 2: Code S. With his status as a premium Protoss player, as well as his dominant record over players such as soO, Dear was able to win both of his matches today to achieve first place in Group D.

Dear was interviewed by AfreecaTV following the matches.

We will be interviewing the winner of Group D, Dear. Congratulations on your victory!

Dear: Thank you.

Truly, you lived up to your status as a nemesis, advancing out of Group D in 1st place without much trouble. Tell us how you feel.

Dear: Since my first match was PvP, I was worried that it was going to be a difficult match for me, and I made quite a few mistakes in the series, but I managed to win in the end. The next match was against soO, who I always managed to do well against, so I went into the match a bit more relaxed.

In the PvZ match, Protoss players have been doing a lot of rushes or quick all-ins. Do you think this is the best playstyle for Protoss players to adapt in Zerg matchups?

Dear: Because Zerg players have been going for Eco lately, if they aren’t hindered early on, they get to dictate the game through macro. So, I kinda tricked the opponent by not looking at what they are doing and just focusing on my thing.

We weren’t able to see your great PvT skills today. It was such a pity that last season, your undefeated streak was broken. Can you tell us how you felt?

Dear: Honestly, I didn’t really take that kind of stuff into factor, but after people constantly told me that I was so good in PvT matchups, the pressure added up. With my match against Maru, I think I lost since Maru is such a good player. However, since Maru is out now, I am more confident about playing against other Terran players.

With other great players such as Zest and Maru being out of the tournament, people are starting to wonder if this your chance to win the tournament. How confident are you about the prospect?

Dear: Right now, I am practicing a lot right now, and since players like Maru is out, I think I can definitely make Semifinals and beyond.

Classic, a player you are friendly with, has managed to grab top seed for Group selections. How do you think his selection will affect you?

Dear: We are currently sharing game information and practicing together, so I don’t see him picking me in his group. He will probably just arrange it so that he himself comes on top.

Do you have any last words for the fans?

Dear: I am glad that I managed to advance out of Ro32 without too much hassle. I will make sure to show good performance in R016 as well. Thank you.


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