[SC2-GSL Season 2: Code S] Classic: “Because a lot of players have bullied me in the Group selections in the past, I will be making a list of those players, and look to find revenge against them.”

Classic being interviewed following his matches in Ro32. Image Source: AfreecaTV broadcast in http://afreecatv.com/afgsl

Kim “Classic” Doh Woo has defeated Nam “Hurricane” Ki Woong and Bang “TRUE” Tae Soo to advance to Ro16 of  GSL Season 2: Code S. Continuing his momentum from GSL Super Tournament, where he was crowned as champion, Classic was able to swiftly win both of his series 2-0 to advance to the next round as 1st place in Group C.

Classic was interviewed by AfeecaTV following the matches.

There was no upset allowed in Group C. We will be meeting with Classic, who showed he was a tier above his opponent. Congratulations on your victories today!

Classic: Thank you.

You will be advancing to the next round in first place within your group. Tell us how you feel.

Classic: Because there were two Zerg players in my group, I came in with the mindset that if I underestimate them, I could be eliminated. While I was nervous before the matches, I’m glad I was able to proceed to Ro16 in first place from my Group.

You were able to continue your momentum from GSL Super Tournament. That sincere determination to win the tournament lead to you lifting the trophy in the end. Can you tell us how you felt at that moment?

Classic: It felt really great, and while Super Tournament is nice as well, I would like to win in GSL as well, so while I was happy I won in Super Tournament, I wanted to repeat the achievement in GSL Season 2.

You have multiple attempts at winning GSL, with three consecutive finals in your record. Doesn’t it get exhausting sometimes?

Classic: It does get hard sometimes, but I think it’s great to have lots of tournaments, and since I don’t have too many chances remaining I am trying my best in all of them.

While it is early on in the tournament, we saw upsets such as Maru’s elimination from the tournament, losing to opponents perceived to be weaker. What did you think about this phenomenon?

Classic: In last year’s Semifinals, and last GSL finals, I have lost to Maru many times, so his early elimination brought me joy. I was looking forward to advancing to the next round with the top seed, and now that I have advanced to the next round with the right, I am quite happy how it turned out.

Ah, so you are already having some thoughts on what to do with your top seed rights. I look forward to how you will utilize it. Classic, can you give us any insights on how you are planning on using it?

Classic: I think my own Group is the one I have to consider the most. Because a lot of players have bullied me in Group selections in the past, I will be making a list of those players, and look to find revenge against them.

Dark must be shaking right now.

Classic: Yes, I did think about Dark, and I saw that Patience advanced out of Groups as well. I think this season’s Group selection would be quite fun.

This season, we were able to affirm that Classic’s determination to find his championship did not waver. Do you have any last words to the fans?

Classic: I was able to advance to Ro16. This season, I will make sure to win the tournament. Thank you.


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