ROX Tiger wishes a happy Lunar New Year: “Eat tasty things, get fattened up”

To celebrate the Lunar New Year, ROX Tigers posted a short video for their fans. The members wished the fans a happy new year and gave a seasonal greeting.

Lindarang recommended the fans to “Eat some rice cake soup (Duk gook), get a year older and celebrate this happy new year”. In Korea, rice cake soup represents health, wealth and longevity and is often consumed at new years day.

Seonghwan and MightyBear thanked fans and asked the fans to continue supporting ROX Rigers as LCK headed into Round 2. Seonghwan and MightyBear also cheekily asked the fans to “Eat lots of tasty things, and let’s meet again all fattened up”

Lindarang asks fan to eat some rice cake soup this Lunar New Year; rice cake soup is a traditional New Year food in Korea. Image Source: Wikipedia


Kuzan and Lava also wished ROX Tiger members a happy new year, and also bid the fans to “Watch out on the road”. The major highways become clogged in Korea during the Lunar New Year as people rush to visit their family and friends during the 3-day break.

Sangyoon and Key appeared on the camera hugging a white tiger doll. The bot lane of ROX Tigers bid the fans to eat well during the Lunar New Years and to “Take care of health”.

Kuzan and Lava bids fans to take care on the road this Lunar New Year, the time in Korea where major highways are filled with people visiting families and friends. Image Source: Wikipedia


Watch the full video on ROX Tiger’s official Facebook


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