Kingzone Rascal on Naehyun becoming the starting mid laner for the team

Kingzone DragonX has defeated Gen.G Esports to achieve their first victory of 2019 LCK Summer split. With their previous starting mid laner PawN missing from the roster, many predicted difficulty for Kingzone early on in Summer. However, Kingzone put those worries to shame, decisively taking out Gen.G in a clean 2-0 series.

Riot Korea has interviewed Kim “Rascal” Kwang-hee following the match.

They have come back more solid than ever. Living up to expectations, they have shown great performance today. We will be meeting with Rascal. Hello!

Rascal: Hello.

Today, in this match, I believe you were the most notable player today, a very different player from the one we saw last split. Are you satisfied with your performance today?

Rascal: Yes, I am.

You recorded a K/D/A of 8/0/7 on Irelia last game, playing better than expected perhaps. Deft had said this in a previous interview, where he proclaimed “Rascal will beat any top laner he faces”, showing great faith in you. Can you tell us what was going on in practices for him to say so?

Rascal: All of us are doing well in scrims, so it was not just me, but Cuzz, Naehyun and our bot lane that I had trust in. I think that each lane is capable of beating any opponent.

There were talks that Kingzone is the team that fits the best in current meta. You have lived up to that assessment in today’s game as well. How were you able to work on your synergy?

Rascal: We were already working on the rest of the team’s synergy with Naehyun during the last split, so when he became the starting mid laner there wasn’t any worry as we transitioned straight from scrims.

Both you and Naehyun great plays in today’s match, perfect games from the topside of Kingzone. Your plays on Sylas has been amazing, we will be looking at the fight near the end of Game 1. Can you tell us what was going on there?

Rascal: Our jungler had no smite, so I believe I was marking Zoe.

TusiN was praised for his good positioning in today’s matches. Did he practise a lot of Lux recently?

Rascal: Yes, he’s a god of Lux.

Ohhh, do you like it when TusiN picks Lux?

Rascal: I don’t know about that, honestly he’s good at everything. I just said the bit about him being a god at Lux for fun.

In the second game, you have opted to give up Yuumi to your opponents. What kind of discussion was going on within your team to come to such a decision?

Rascal: Our bot lane said they would be able to play well against Yuumi if we let it open. I can’t go into details, but we came to the decision that it was okay to give it up when we were Red side.

Rascal, you have a set a great record for yourself. You were the first player to have achieved victory with top lane Irelia within LCK this season, including last split’s matches. Looking at your past games, you did not play much Irelia at all. Was there a reason you have decided to bring it out today?

Rascal: While it wasn’t that I didn’t want to play Irelia in the Spring split, the angle to pick it was ambiguous at best, so when we saw an opportunity today, we decided to pick it.

Can you tell us why Irelia was struggling in the top lane until now?

Rascal: If Irelia is played out strongly, it’s quite a powerful champion, but when it gets pressured, it tends to weaken. In competitive play, it tends to get pressured hard, which is why I think it struggled.

With your wide champion pool from Spring split, you have contributed a lot to your team. Did this help to form the current Rascal right now?

Rascal: Yes, I believe so.

Can we hear any words about your future matches in Summer split?

Rascal: With PawN being off the roster, many were worried about Kingzone, but Naehyun is also trying his best, and have worked on synergy with the team since last Spring split. I believe he will be able to show good performance and I hope many fans continue to support us. Thank you.

We will end it off with one more question. Who was the sexiest player of today’s match?

Rascal: First game was TusiN, and I think Cuzz for the second game.

I hope Kingzone continues to maintain their sexiness. Thank you for the interview!


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