Rich joins Team Dynamics as their new top laner

On the 11th of December KST, Team Dynamics announced the signing of Lee “Rich” Jae-won as their new top laner.

Well known for his dominance in the Heroes of the Storm scene, Rich transitioned into League of Legends in 2019, joining Gen.G’s LCK team as their substitute mid laner. A mechanically talented player, he is known for his mastery over bruisers, favoring champions like Qiyana and Aatrox.

By joining Team Dynamics, Rich will be reunited with his former teammate Kuzan. Interestingly, the two had competed for the starting role in the mid lane against each other during their time in Gen.G. Now, it is likely they will be playing side by side together for the first time.

Team Dynamics is a team currently competing in Challengers Korea, a league just below the LCK. The organization has managed to enter the Promotion Tournament to the LCK at the end of the Summer split, only to fall to Hanwha Life Esports in their last Bo5 series. Now, they will once again look to make their way to the LCK in the 2020 season.


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