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2019 KeSPA Cup schedule, format and teams announced

On the 12th of December KST, KeSPA announced the schedule for the 2019 KeSPA Cup ULSAN as well as the contending teams.

According to the official announcement on KeSPA’s website, the tournament will be organized in collaboration with KeSPA, Ulsan and Ulsan Nam-gu district. The tournament will be broadcasted by KBS.

A total of 20 teams will be participating in the tournament, consisting of 10 teams from LCK, 7 teams from CK, and 3 teams from the KeG amateur competition.

Ro16 and Quarterfinals will be held in Seoul Nexon Arena, starting from the 23rd of December and running until the 31st of December. The matches will be played out in Bo3. T1, Griffin, Damwon Gaming, and Sandbox Gaming have been granted upper seed based on World Championship points and standings from the previous season. They will be placed in the upper seed of Ro8. Therefore, the Ro16 will take place without the aforementioned teams.

Semifinals and Finals will be held in KBS Ulsan Hall, starting from the 3rd of January, 2020 and running until the 5th of January. The matches will be played out in Bo5.

The total prize pool is 158,000,000 Won, approximately 133,200 USD. This is an increase over the last year’s prize pool, which was around 100,000 USD in total.

The exact schedule, including matchups of the teams in Ro16, will be announced on the 17th of December. Tickets will be available on TicketLink starting from the 19th of December.


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