SKT Faker: “We’ll be working hard so we can beat [Griffin and SANDBOX Gaming] in the second round.”

Congratulations on the victory! How are you feeling at the moment?

Clid: I believe our performance has been improving lately. However, I made some mistakes in the early stages of Game 2, so I am a little regretful.

Faker: We managed to win with a 2:0 score, but our level of play wasn’t that great.

Clid, you picked Lee Sin, your signature champion. How did that come about?

Clid: I think I picked Lee Sin because I needed to fill the quota of AD champions in our draft. I don’t think my Lee Sin is worthy of a ban.

Faker, you pulled out the Zilean, a popular pick at the moment.

Faker: Clid really likes it when I pick Zilean, so I decided to pick it.

In the second game, the opposing team brought out mid Sylas. Faker, you are the first person to have popularized the mid lane Sylas. How did it feel to go against Sylas?

Faker: I was a little scared when I saw the opponent mid laner lock in Sylas, however, I think I managed the lane well.

Faker appears frequently in Clid’s stream. You said he was cute, and liked to drop by when he is streaming. Can you tell us more about this, Faker?

Faker: He looks like a little pet, he looks cute. The things he does also make him cute.

Clid: I am glad that Faker find me cute. I’m satisfied.

The second round robin will soon be kicking off. Can you give us your resolutions going into the second round?

Clid: We will try to show cleaner games from the second round.

Faker: In the first round we lost against Griffin and Sandbox Gaming. We’ll be working hard so we can beat them in the second round.


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