SKT Khan: “I personally think that we as a team are a slow starter”

Khan is the MVP of today's match against Jin Air Greenwings. Image Source: Korizon

SK Telecom T1 has defeated Jin Air Greenwing in their first match of 2019 LCK summer split. Despite a competitive showing from Jin Air, taking away the second game away from SKT to continue the series to a game 3, SKT was able to take control of the match in the end, finishing the series 2-1 in their favor.

Riot Korea has interviewed Kim “Khan” Dong-ha following the match.

SKT was able to start off their Summer split in good spirits with a victory. We will be meeting with Khan for a sole MVP interview. Hello!

Khan: Hello.

There were many expectations by the fans and the LCK viewers on how SKT will be when they return. You were able to achieve victory, can you tell us how you are feeling?

Khan: Regarding preparation done in the last few days, perhaps we weren’t quite adjusted to the current timezone, as well as having difficulties in our practices, which I think showed in our games today. Because there is another match in two days, we will have to prepare well in order to show good performance on the day.

While you were able to take the first game, you showed moments where you struggled, which continued in the second game. However, in the third game, it seems that the old SKT came back mid-series. What kind of feedbacks were there from the coaching staffs and players?

Khan: Because we were not showing our usual performance, we mainly focused on concentrating on the game.

Jin Air has improved significantly after their comeback. Malrang’s condition was good, and Grace and Lindarang were showing some great plays. What was it like playing against them?

Khan: Jin Air as a team is very good at taking advantages in the early game, and we thought that Jin Air won’t make mistakes in the laning phase and instead show weakness in macro. However, they were good at both from the start.

While SKT was struggling in the early game, they were able to make up for it with teamfighting and macro. There was a particular play that left quite an impression, the backdoor in Game 1. Your decision making with Ryze has been awe-striking. 

While Jin Air was hitting the Elder Dragon, you opted to go and push mid. Can you give an explanation for that?

Khan: Because it takes 7 seconds for our opponents to recall after taking Elder, as long as we stop their carries, we will have enough time to push. So, even though we gave up Elder Dragon, if we take Ryze ult [towards Jin Air’s nexus], we would be able to win.

You were able to win the first game cleanly. While the second game was disappointing, you were able to retake the game perfectly in the third game. What do you think changed the most between games?

Khan: I’m not quite sure [what changed].

Ah, so you played as you usually did?

Khan: Yes.

Because Malrang’s was on form this series, you were struggling against his Skarner, and Clid similarly showed good performance on Skarner as well in the third game. Skarner seems to have been a major pick this series. Can you tell us how the champion differs when playing with or against it?

Khan: Because it’s a champion that can start a fight no matter what, it fits in a lot of composition. In the second game, because we didn’t have anyone that can take in the Skarner ult for others we thought it would be difficult, but in the third game, our opponent’s composition was also similarly weak against Skarner which is why it was picked.

You were able to open up the game well together with Clid. There was something I wanted to ask you. Aatrox has been opened more often than expected, but the champion’s winrate is quite low. What do you think is the reason for that?

Khan: About the low winrate, there are reasons for that, while the champion is regarded as good, I think there are many ways to play against it, which is why I think it has a low winrate currently.

So you are saying there are ways to counter it. Can you tell us about that?

Khan: If you look at the draft, when you see Aatrox appear, you can tell, from what champions were banned, how Aatrox will be played and in what situations. So if you look at it like that, I think you will be able to find a solution. I can not say more specifically.

You were able to begin your Summer split with a victory. There were many that put your team as favorites to win this split. With the high expectations, that is a lot of pressure on the team. Do you have any last words?

Khan: When we first started off in Spring split, it wasn’t that good, but we gradually improved as time passed and everyone here is trying their best to become a better team. My personal thoughts are that we are a slow starter and that we will go on to show better games as we play more. We will continue to try our best and would be grateful for all of your support. Thank you.


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