[SC2 GSL Season 2: Code S] RagnaroK: “I first thought I would be a streamer instead of a pro player. But as I kept playing, I started to yearn for success as a professional player.”

RagnaroK being interviewed following his matches in Ro32. Image Source: AfreecaTV broadcast in http://afreecatv.com/afgsl

After seven different tries, he has finally done it. We will be meeting with RagnaroK, who has advanced to Ro16 of GSL for the first time in his career. Congratulations! Can you tell us how you are feeling?

RagnaroK: In the Super Tournament, I performed so badly, and because I was so confident before that, it took quite a hit. I wasn’t able to play the game for a while afterward. Around a week ago, I gathered myself together and started practicing hard. I tried so hard that my wrist started hurting. Thankfully, I was able to taste the fruit of my labor after today’s results.

Not only did you come in first place within your Group, but this was also your first ever Winner’s match. You must be quite overjoyed right?

RagnaroK: After losing the first game against TY, I was a bit down, because I lost without putting up too much a fight. I was also nervous as well. So I thought that I might not be able to win. However, herO once told me that since my macro is good, that I should just go for macro plays. So, with the thoughts that I should play macro even if I lose, it worked out better for me than I expected, and I wasn’t even nervous while playing, allowing me to enter the Winner’s match.

People were worried about your mentality since you lost against TY in the first game, despite realizing what sort of build he was going for. Some were expecting your devastated expression after the match when we saw you overcome your disadvantages. Is there any difference in how you managed your mentality?

RagnaroK: I mean my mentality isn’t that bad…

It’s not?

RagnaroK: [Laughs] When I played against PartinG, I really hated myself, I really hated performance in that match. While I have lost the first game in the series, I had another chance in the series, so I grabbed hold of myself and marched on.

Instead of a devastated expression, we were able to an overjoyed RagnaroK today. You were able to showcase your ZvT, where the Terrans actively favored a Battlecruiser build. While we saw the matches, I thought it was a difficult build to face. Master, could you perhaps teach us how?

RagnaroK: Battlecruisers suddenly started emerging recently. I have been seeing in ladder games around 8 out of 10 times. As long as you defend well and so on it can work, but it’s more difficult than you might think since it’s dependent on how the Terran plays. Even if the Zerg player in the matchup plays well, I don’t think it always leads to a solid defense.

So… does that mean we can’t…?

RagnaroK: However, your opponent will not be a pro as well, so use that knowledge while playing.

We were able to see an exquisite Terran matchup from RagnoroK, who was able to advance to Ro16 for the first time. This is your first Group nomination correct?

RagnaroK: Yes it is.

So this is a chance to experience a different side to you, RagnoroK as a player. Are you the type of person to perhaps actively attempt to achieve your goal?

RagnaroK: No, I’m the type of person to stay quiet. Even if I am more forward, I don’t think it will help, since I’m not that close to a lot of players. Since I also think I am the worst in terms of skills in the round, I think the players will pick me anyway, so I’ll stay quiet.

And accept your fate?

RagnaroK: [Nods head] Yes.

Do you have any last words to the fans?

RagnaroK: When I first started streaming, I first thought I would rather try to be a streamer instead of a pro player. But as I kept playing, I started to yearn for success as a professional player, and I started practicing really hard in the past 3 months, while not even streaming during those times. While I am glad I was able to see results from it, but I have been starting in a deficit in my matches. I will work on that so that I would be able to start my games with an early advantage. I would like to thank the fans who support me and watch my YouTube videos. Thank you.


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