HLE Thal on the next match against Griffin: “If we continue this good momentum, we can actually win against Griffin.”

Hanwha Life Esports kicked off LCK 2019 Spring Split with a solid performance. On the 20th of Janauary, HLE defeated Kingzone DragonX with a 2-0 match score and finished the first week with two victories. After the victory, we interviewed Bono and Thal of Hanwha Life Esports about the team’s performance in LCK so far.

Congratulations on the victory today. How does it feel to win two matches in a row?

Bono: It does feel good. I will prepare well so that we can also win the next match.

Thal: Everything is going according to plan. I hope the next match goes according to our plan too.

HLE’s performance has gone up a lot since KeSPA Cup. What was the reason behind this?

Thal: After KESPA Cup, we realized how desperate we were for this. We increased our practice hours, so we may never face the same [defeat as we did in KeSPA Cup] again.

Bono: After the defeat, we became desperate, and that actually bonded us even closer. It impacted our practices, and we had a good result today.

Thal, your performance has really improved recently, from Sion to Aatrox. Was there any feedback for you from the team that caused this boost in performance?

Thal: Coaching staff has been giving me feedback with a focus on macro. I think I started to see improvements as result.

Your next match in the LCK is against Griffin. What are your outlooks, Bono and Thal?

Thal: In my opinion, they are the first placed team in the LCK at the moment. However, we currently have good momentum. If I look at the team now, I think we are also very good. If we continue this good momentum, we can actually win against Griffin.

Bono: I do believe that [Griffin] is a powerful team, but we are also doing well. If we play like we have been doing in [Spring Split], I think we can win against Griffin.


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