2019 LCK Summer Split schedule announced

KeSPA announced on their official Twitter account the regular season schedule for this year’s LCK Spring split. Confirmed to last for 10 weeks, LCK will start on the 5th of June, concluding their regular season on 18th of August. The season will have two rounds, with Round 1 concluding with Griffin vs Gen.G Esports series on 12th of July.

The opening match of this split’s LCK has been confirmed to be KT Rolster vs Jin Air Greenwings.

For Round 1 of LCK, the games will be available from Wednesday to Sunday, 5 times a week. For Round 2, they will be available from Thursday to Sunday, 4 times a week.

There has been no information regarding playoffs.

Tickets for the matches will be available here.



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