Faker: I used to play Alistar very seriously in solo q, and I’m sorry to hear that such a rumor has been spread.

On the 6th of December, 2018 All-Stars took place in Las Vegas. In the event, Faker and Cpt Jack played as a team in the 2v2 tournament and won the first round of the tournament. After the match, Sjokz interviewed Faker about his experience coming to All-Stars and his thoughts on Bang’s Xayah cosplay.

Faker, how has All-Stars have been? How has the event been for you?

Faker: Many players, as well as streamers, have attended All-Stars this time. So it has been a very enjoyable experience for me so far. This is my first time at Las Vegas, and the atmosphere in this city is different. It’s a magical city.

Everyone that we’ve talked to, when asked the question “Who do you want to meet?” say that they want to meet Faker. For you, who do you really want to meet here?

Faker: I did want to meet all the players that I’ve known for such a long time. I just wanted to see everyone again at All-Stars. It’s hard to pick just one, it’s been a great experience so far.

In the 2v2 today, you played with Cpt Jack and you picked Alistar. I know that in Korean solo q, you used to pick Alistar when you were paired with Cpt Jack, maybe troll him a little bit. Today you did it again, and you’ve won. 

Faker: I used to play Alistar very seriously in solo q, and I’m sorry to hear that such a rumor [that I was trolling] has been spread. Before today’s 2v2 match I said I’ll pick Alistar, and Cpt Jack looked like he had given up [on arguing against it]. So I played Alistar and had fun.

Next, we have Tandem Mode where we will see Sneaky and Bang together. They will be cosplaying! What are your expectations?

Faker: I thought that they were going to cosplay Xayah and Rakan, but I’m a little disappointed because they will both be cosplaying Xayah. I’m a worried that Bang will get into cosplay like Sneaky from now.

Will we see Faker cosplay someday?

Faker: Maybe later.


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