Lehends on what champion he prefers to play with as Yuumi in the bottom lane: “I enjoy playing Yuumi. As long as my AD carry is not Vayne, which Viper likes too much, I don’t mind.”

Viper and Lehends are the MVPs of today's match against KT Rolster. Image source: Riot Games

Griffin has achieved victory against KT Rolster to maintain their spot among the top teams of LCK. With KT Rolster failing to show progress after their major change during the offseason, Griffin continues to strive to prove themselves once more.

Riot Korea has interviewed Park “Viper” Do-hyeon and Son “Lehends” Si-woo following the match.

With Griffin’s victory today, they have achieved their fourth win of the split, and are tied for first place. We will be meeting with MVPs of the match, Viper and Lehends. 

Griffin’s key lane today was without question the bottom lane. Viper, your performance today was quite spectacular. Can you tell us how you are feeling after the match?

Viper: I quite enjoyed the match since it has been a while since we played, and I am happy about the victory today.

You have won the series with a clean 2-0. Griffin has been noted to be one of the teams that are quite good at utilizing Yuumi. This can be attributed to you, Lehends. Lehends, in what area do you believe you differ from other Yuumi players?

Lehends: I excel at champions that enable you to not get caught out, and Yuumi has a kit that allows that. Since we tend to win a lot more when I play without getting caught out while talking a lot, with Viper, I am confident that we can win anytime.

Viper, did Lehends earn the privilege to talk more today?

Viper: Yes, he did.

In the first game, Griffin’s composition with Ezreal has been quite noted. In the last moment of the game, KT engaged quite well, but they were too behind to make more of it. Were you expecting such a move from them?

Viper: When a fight broke out there, we all ran hurriedly towards the location. I thought the situation was a bit dangerous, but we were too strong at this point.

At this point, Lehends, along with Viper has cleaned up the teamfight. Were you confident that you could win during the fight?

Lehends: We were confident that we would be able to win.

Ezreal was able to get a triple kill to finish the game. In the second game, you brought out Pyke-Yuumi bot lane, which has been brought up in other regions as well. Was it prepared against Lux in the bot lane?

Viper: As soon as we grabbed Yuumi, I wanted to play Pyke, but we needed a good reason for it. When our opponents finished picking their support, we saw an angle for the Pyke to be picked in our draft.

You are well known for your mastery over both ADC and non-ADC champions in the bot lane. In Challengers Korea, Yuumi has been paired with Ezreal, Sivir, Lucian, Pyke even Vladimir. Can you tell us which pair you prefer?

Viper: I did try out Vladimir, but I think Pyke is more fun.

What do you like about Pyke?

Viper: He’s fast. AD carries are quite slow, but Pyke is speedier in comparison.

Lehends, when you play Yuumi, who do you prefer to pair up with?

Lehends: I enjoy playing Yuumi. As long as my AD carry is not Vayne, which Viper likes too much, I don’t mind.

Oh, there was the Vayne as well. It seems it would be quite some time before we see Vayne being picked. Your next match will be against SKT. It’s a match that fans would be anticipating. Do you think Yuumi will be picked once more?

Lehends: When I play Yuumi, I never get caught out, so I want to play Yuumi all the time.

It seems to be something you were itching to tell. Viper, can you tell us your thoughts in regards to your next match against SKT?

Viper: In our next match against SKT, we will prepare hard, just like we did with today’s match, in order to win.


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