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Faker hopes to have his revenge on all the LCK teams that beat SKT so far

Image Source: Riot Korea

SK Telecom T1 returned to summer split with a dominating performance. SKT took the series against Hanwha Life Esports on a clean 2-0 match score, led by Lee “Faker” Sang-hyun who received MVPs for his performance on LeBlanc and Akali.

After the match, Riot Korea interviewed Faker as the double MVP of the series.

Faker wins the double MVP with a confident performance and teamwork. Faker, I’d like to ask you how you are feeling.

Faker: I walked in today with a goal of winning the series on a 2-0. I’m quite satisfied that I got what I wanted.

How was recovering from Rift Rivals and jumping right back into the summer split?

Faker: I didn’t realize that the games were scheduled so soon. My team took every chance to rest up, so there was no outstanding issue with our condition during the games.

You brought out your signature pick, LeBlanc, in game one. This was the first time you picked her in the summer split. Why did you pick LeBlanc?

Faker: The team started by drafting a scaling comp, so I picked her to balance the composition. It was my first LeBlanc of the split, but I had been playing so many different champions this split that I can pretty much pick anything at any point.

As [HLE] kept pushing the objectives, SK Telecom T1 consistently and successfully stole them away. You already knew about the enemy’s baron attempt. How did SKT approach this situation?

Faker: First of all, Teddy was observing the situation. Baron steal has been so rare this split that I was doubtful we’d steal it. It was huge that we successfully stole it, and we knew we would win the following teamfight. 

We noticed that in the in-game comm, no one complimented Clid after the baron steal. Are the players usually strict with each other?

Faker: I’m pretty strict around compliments. Even when someone does well, I tell him he hasn’t done well. We became pretty rowdy during today’s game, and I realized the importance of remaining calm at all times.

It’s fair to say that all lanes got their best picks during game two. What were your thoughts on the drafting stage for that game?

Faker: Our in-game performance is more important than the drafts. We did get our most played champions, but we focused more on how we were going to play them out, rather than thinking about how well our drafting went. 

You took Akali after seeing the opponent pick Azir. It’s a difficult matchup in the beginning, so what were your thoughts on it?

Faker: [Akali] can potentially struggle in the beginning, but I picked her since my team needed an engage pick.

There was a solo kill moment, wasn’t there? The rest of your team was preparing for a teamfight at drakes, and I’d like to hear about your decision to 1v1.

Faker: I saw Azir wasted his E. So I decided to go in. I was originally going to fight at drakes, but I was in such a good position. The angle for the kill was just too good, so I went in.

SKT struggled early on during the summer split, but today you finish off with a three-win streak. Perhaps your prophecy of winning every series from now on is being fulfilled. What has improved the most when it comes to SKT players’ performance?

Faker: Our overall performance has improved. It’s hard to point out a specific thing we’ve improved on, because everyone has been performing well and our team chemistry has been on point. I’d like to keep this win streak going.

You will be facing KT Rolster next for the second part of the round robin. I would like to hear your resolution for the next round.

Faker: We finished off round one with a terrible score. However, in the second round of the summer split, I want our revenge against all the teams that we had lost to in the first round. I appreciate the fans’ support.


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