Fly on defeating Griffin and what brought him back as the starting mid laner for Gen.G

Image Source: Ashley Kang of Korizon

On July 12th (KST) Gen.G concluded the first round of the 2019 LCK summer split with a victory over Griffin, the first place team in the LCK. Gen.G brought creative strategies and picks to the table, notably playing support Volibear on the first game. In the end, Gen.G’s creativity and clutch teamfights paid off and Gen.G was able to take the series away on a 2-0 match score.

The following is a press conference interview with Fly.


Can you tell us how you felt after defeating Griffin?

Fly: It was an opportunity to prove myself, an opportunity in such a long time. I prepared harder than ever leading up to this match. We were able to defeat Griffin in the way we usually did, our match went as expected … So in conclusion, I was quite glad.

Gen.G has a history of defeating Griffin when matters. Gen.G denied Griffin the seed to World Championship in the regional qualifier. Gen.G also cut Griffin’s win streak short in the spring split. Is there a particular reason the team does so well against Griffin?

Fly: When we get on stage [against Griffin], our concentration tends to improve. It helps that we have experience in beating them in the past. 

Were you the secret weapon in the series against Griffin?

Fly: My form is pretty solid right now. I’ve been having good results recently. I guess I’m playing on the stage once again because my individual performance is looking decent.

When you weren’t playing in the spring split, what were you doing instead?

Fly: I just focused on playing games. It was a tough period for me, to be honest. I just focused on getting my head on straight, playing the game as if it’s a do or die.

There are three mid laners competing to be the starting mid laner for Gen.G. Doesn’t that stress you out?

Fly: Not really. [This competition] kind of feels like homework, that is left for us to solve.

You mentioned that your form has been improving. In that case, how many games do you expect to play in the second round?

Fly: As long as the form doesn’t drop again, I think I will continue to make an appearance at the stage.

Were you prepared to bring out your Pantheon as well?

Fly: Pantheon is probably favorite champions to play. It was the champion I played when I first started playing League of Legends. It’s a pick that I’d like to show on the stage, if there is a chance.

It’s rare to see mid Lux at the LCK. When you locked her in, how were you planning to utilize her in the game?

Fly: I just thought that if we win the lane, we will also win the game.

Is Morgana a counter to Lux?

Fly: I think it’s a difference in match-up experience. I wouldn’t say that [Morgana] is a direct counter. I’d say the match-up will simply be decided depending on who plays better.

What kind of in-game calls were happening within the team when the Gen.G was taking down the Nexus, for the second game of the series?

Fly: We do this in scrims too, we really chase for the kills. We really shouldn’t do this when we are playing on stage. I kept calling for the team to hit the towers, but CuVee overextended, saying he had to get more kills.

Do you have any resolution for the second round of the summer split?

Fly: I’ll have to remember this moment, this form and this mental state. I’ll have to make sure that this momentum does not drop but maintain it, and keep showing good performance.

Thank you for the interview. Is there anything else you’d like to tell the fans?

Fly: I think it’s a bit too early for me to say something. I think I’ll have something to say the next time I have an interview at this place.


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