Ucal on defeating Griffin with mid Aatrox: “I’ve recently got beaten to the ground by Faker’s Aatrox, so I decided to try him myself. These lessons have made us experiment more, find better picks for ourselves.”

We have all wondered who will put a stop to Griffin’s undefeated run on LCK. Today, KT Rolster has finally managed to beat Griffin.

Ucal, we see you often in the MVP interviews. Could you please say hello to the fans?

Ucal: Hello! I’m happy to be in this MVP interview seat here.

And Smeb, hello! It’s much rarer to see you speak these days.

Smeb: I’ve been giving chances to younger players around me, so I haven’t been in this MVP seat for a while.

Ucal, you played Galio in Game 1. You were able to land a taunt on 5 people and turn the game around.

Ucal: The team was trying to take Yasuo down as Yasuo did not have a Flash. However it didn’t go as we had planned, so it was a risky teamfight.

Smeb: Hey, my airborne went in first; you only taunted on top of it!

Your picks and bans were also on-point today. It looked like you were really prepared to go against Faker today.

Ucal: The coach really wanted to draft a fighting composition (against Griffin), and we picked and banned according to it.

Ucal, you also surprised us with mid-Aatrox today. Who’s a better Aatrox between you and Smeb?

Ucal: (Looks at Smeb) Smeb is a great top-laner, but Aatrox is one champion that I won’t back down on being the best.

Smeb, your Kennen and Score’s Nocturne had such a good synergy in Game 2. Nocturne would turn the lights off, and Kennen would fly into the enemy flanks while everyone is blind. You have a history with Kennen, memories both good and bad.

Smeb: I actually have lots of good memories about Kennen. I actually haven’t practised on Kennen that much recently. However, Kennen was a perfect addition to our draft so we decided to lock him in.

Smeb: There is a lot of difference between AD and AP Kennen. However, our composition meant that our strength was in teamfights. So I decided to play AP Kennen, who is powerful in teamfights.

Ucal, KT has been a low in LCK ranking recently, however today you managed to turn the tide around by defeating Griffin, the first team in LCK rankings. You must be overjoyed.

Ucal: Until now, we’ve maybe haven’t been experimenting with new picks as much as we should have been. I’ve recently got beaten to the ground by Faker’s Aatrox, so I decided to try him myself. Lessons like those have made us experiment more, find better picks ourselves.



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