Team Korea plays full comps of the SSG and SKT skins, defeats Saudi Arabia

The National League of Legends team for South Korea advanced to the finals for 2018 Asian Games with a style. Not only did Korea beat Saudi Arabia in a 2:0, but the team played a full team comp using World Championship skins for SSG and SKT respectively.

On August 28th, Korea played against Saudi Arabia in the semi-finals of 2018 Asian Games League of Legends. On Game 1, Korea picked Gnar, Taliyah and Jarvan IV in the first round of picks and bans, followed by Xayah and Rakan in the second round to complete a full squad of champions that have 2017 Samsung Galaxy Worlds skins.

With all the 5 players playing SSG skins – even Faker, who is known for playing League of Legends without using skins – Korea proceeded to triumph over Saudi Arabia in a landslide 30:1 kill-score, destroying the opponent nation’s Nexus only in 17 minutes. The MVP went to Peanut, who played SSG Taliyah and finished the game on a 12/0/7 KDA.

Korea continued to pay homage to LCK World Champions in Game 2, this time to SK Telecom T1. Korea drafted Jax, Lee Sin, Syndra, Jhin and Zyra, whom all have a skin dedicated to successes of SKT – The biggest dynasty in League of Legends and three times World Champion.

Despite the self-imposed handicap of only playing SKT champions and drafting off-meta champions such as Zyra as a result, Korea continued to dominate Saudi Arabia. In just over 20 minutes Korea once again destroyed Saudi Arabia’s Nexus, qualifying them for the finals and at the minimum the silver medal.

Korea will next face China on the 29th of August, where the team will battle the national rival for the 2018 Asian Games gold medal. The live stream of the finals with the English commentary can be found on YouTube.


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