Summit on SANDBOX Gaming’s base run: “Ghost suddenly called out, I’ll do it!”

On the evening of Valentine’s Day in Seoul, SANDBOX Gaming further solidified their second place in the LCK with a 2-0 match score against Jin Air Greenwings. The series turned out to be closer than fans would have predicted, with Jin Air surprising SANDBOX with surprise appearances at the top lane; the team’s mid laners CheonGo and Grace laning in the top lane for Game 1 and 2 respectively. Eventually, SANDBOX closed the series with Ghost’s Sivir making an incredible base run and taking down Jin Air’s Nexus.

After the series, Riot Korea interviewed SANDBOX’s Summit and Dove.

Congratulations on the victory, Summit and Dove. How did it feel to win the match?

Summit: It felt like our momentum had halted after losing to Griffin. We had lost and learnt what it felt like to lose, so to speak. So it feels good to have won once again.

Dove: It indeed feels good to get my first MVP. I’m so happy, I think I will remember this first MVP forever.

Summit, you went against the mid laners of Jin Air Greenwings. You laned against ChengGo in Game 1 and Grace in Round 2. Did it surprise you?

Summit: I didn’t even imagine that I would face either of them at top lane, however, I think I’ve responded aptly. As for ChenGo, he had a good mastery over his champion however his understanding of the lane itself wasn’t great, so it was doable. As for Grace, he seemed to know better than most top laners out there. So I had a hard time.

The second game was difficult indeed. Dove, you stepped up as the other lanes of SANDBOX were having a bad time.

Dove: It seemed like my teammates were having a difficult time, so put in even more effort than the usual.

The ending of Game 2 was incredible. SANDBOX Gaming blew out the Nexus of Jin Air Greenwings in an unbelievable Nexus run.

Summit: We were all confused, then Ghost suddenly called out, “I’ll do it!” He ran to the opposing team’s base and started hitting the Nexus, and next moment, the Nexus went down.

Did Ghost say anything in particular as he ran to JAG’s base?

Dove: He didn’t say much. Just that; “I’ll do it!”


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