Still8 promises to revise existing player contracts and “removes unfair clauses”, some Griffin players may become free agents

On the 25th of November 2019, Still8, the parent company to League of Legends team Griffin, released an announcement, as the “Kanavi Controversy” continues.

In the statement, Still8 recognized that “we have been under criticisms that we have made unfair contracts with the players and abused the powers of a team to infringe the rights of the players.”

Still8 claimed, “We will void all the contracts that were previously made under the wrong practice. We will draft new contracts that address the unfair clauses in the existing contracts. In the last few days, we have drafted a new contract that deletes unfair clauses from the previous contracts. We will also respect the wishes of the player, if a player asks to become a free agent instead of renewing this new contract and will release them as a free agent. This is not just limited to League of Legends players, but applies to all esports players under Still8 and Griffin.”

It is unknown which clauses in the previous contract were deemed “unfair”, and which clauses have actually been amended in the new contract. It is also yet unknown which players under Still8/Griffin will become free agents as a result of this announcement.

Still8 and Griffin have been criticized by both South Korean and international League of Legends fans after the contract of Seo “Kanavi” Jin-hyeok was released to the public. The contract was dubbed as a “slave contract” by many experts, with clauses that gave Still8 the power to terminate the contract under different circumstances such as fining Kanavi if he was ever to go “out of contact” from Still8, and more.


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