AF SSUN on meeting his former teammates in LCK: “[KT’s players] said it has been a while since they saw me. We exchanged greetings and wished each other good luck in the game.”

Aiming and SSUN are the MVPs of today's match. Image Source: Riot

Afreeca Freecs defeats KT Rolster to claim their fourth victory of the split.

Riot Korea interviewed Kim “Aiming” Ha-ram and Kim “SSUN” Tae-yang following the match.

Aiming you showed great performance on Ashe in both games.

Aiming: I think that was my first time playing Ashe professionally, and I am glad it worked out so well.

SSUN you have been showing good performance lately, and it was your first time playing the game with Aiming. Can you tell us about your win today?

SSUN: The recent circumstances weren’t very kind to us, so today’s match was one that we had to win. I am glad we were able to.

SSUN you have been in KT before. Were there any words exchanged before the match?

SSUN: Yes, they said it has been a while since they saw me. We exchanged greetings and wished each other good luck in the game.

In the first game, Galio was picked early in the draft, and there were comments that it might be picked as support. 

Aiming: Since both our mid laner and support were able to play Galio, we were confident we could play it anywhere, depending on how [the draft] went.

Your synergy with Jelly has been quite notable. Was there a lot of communication between the two of you?

Aiming: Well, no matter which support was playing, I had faith in them, so I think it was that.

In the Dragon fight, you were able to turn around the game to your advantage. 

Aiming: Since they were very grouped, we went for an engage, since we were confident fighting them there.

Did you expect the teamfight to go that well?

Aiming: No, I didn’t expect it go that well.

Your Ashe ults have been on point this series. There have been many fights that have been started with your arrows.

Aiming: I think it was thanks to my support and jungler, who were able to get large vision coverage for my ults.

SSUN you decided to play Zoe with Unsealed Spellbook. Was there any reason behind that?

SSUN: I regularly watch Challengers Korea, and I saw that players were picking Zoe with Spellbook. So I tried it out myself in the second game.

Do you think it was a good rune choice for Zoe?

SSUN: Yes, I think it’s quite good.

You were able to get a Pentakill in the end. 

SSUN: I managed to get that Penta thanks to my teammates. So I would like to give my thanks to them.

Today’s draft was quite good today. Was this thanks to NoFe’s coaching?

SSUN: Yes, since NoFe is such a renowned coach, he prepared for us an excellent draft in this series.

Afreeca Freecs will going against Griffin in their next series.

Aiming: If we play the way we have been, I think we can somehow manage.

SSUN: We will try our best to win against Griffin to maintain our streak.


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