SKT Teddy: “Our second set was messy, but we were able to win so I am relieved”

SK Telecom T1 has defeated bbq Olivers to advance to the next round of KeSPA Cup. The so-called “Dream Team” of LCK faced off against the recently rebuilt bbq Olivers, most notably signing Sebastian “Malice” Edholm, an import player for the first time in Challengers Korea history. Led by Nick “LS” De Cesare, the team had hoped to upset the LCK team, leading in parts of the second game of the series before being overcome in the last teamfights. SKT will be facing off against Damwon Gaming, the newly promoted LCK team, in the next round.

SKT’s bot laner Park “Teddy” Jin-seong has been interviewed following their win.


Congratulations on your win. 

This was your second series win as SKT T1 Teddy. Can you tell me about your win today?

Teddy: Our second set was messy, but we were able to win so I am relieved.

For the first set, you got KeSPA Cup’s first perfect game. But in the second set was the enemy team playing aggressive picks? What happened?

Teddy: I think if we played as we usually do, we could have won, but we tried too many different things, leading to mistakes.

In the second set, the last teamfight in the mid lane was quite memorable. Can you tell me about it?

Teddy: The enemy team’s position was split, but then they suddenly started moving towards Dragon. When we noticed Thresh and Draven were separated, we decided to target Thresh and got the pick. Then, the enemy carries came forward and got caught, leading to the win.

Your coaches gave you a score [in previous interviews] out of ten for your first series. How many points are you expecting from the coaches this time?

Teddy: If we won the second set more cleanly, we might have gotten more, but overall, I will give 5 points.

You were deathless until the second set. Do you feel any disappointment over that?

Teddy: I felt like I could have finished the series with zero deaths, but I made mistakes in the game, which is a shame.

I’m sure this series win was a “sweet” present for SKT fans this Christmas. Any words to the fans?

Teddy: Thank you to the fans that cheered for us. I will do my best.

Again, congratulations on your victory.

This has been an interview with the winner of the second series today, SKT’s Teddy.


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