SKT T1 teams up with UNICEF Korea to end child violence

On the 11th of June (KST), SKT T1 announced that it will be teaming up with UNICEF KOREA to launch “Dream Together” campaign, an initiative to support the #ENDviolence campaign.

The #ENDviolence campaign is a global movement led by UNICEF that aims to eradicate physical and psychological violence towards children and teenagers. According to the global statistics released by UNICEF’s website, every 5 minutes one child dies as a result of violence; about 10% of girls suffer sexual violence; about 30% of students are regularly subjected to bullying at school.

In the press release, SKT T1 announced various ways that the Dream Together initiative will help the #ENDviolence campaign. SKT T1 will increase awareness about the #ENDviolence campaign through SKT T1’s social media pages and giveaways, so the campaign may benefit from the extensive audience reach the team has. SKT T1 will also release campaign-specific accessories for fans with all profit going towards the campaign, so fans may also contribute to UNICEF’s campaign while also supporting their favorite team.

Fans looking for more detail about the campaign, as well as ways to support UNICEF’s #ENDviolence campaign, can visit UNICEF’s “Dream Together” page.


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