SKT kkOma on the spring split: “Looking back, it’s been a regretful split. It would have been great if we were able to finish first.”

SKT T1 has finished their last match of the 2019 LCK spring split. How do you feel?

kkOma: I want to thank everyone, not only those who are on the roster but also the players who help us in any way. I’m really glad that we were able to improve our performance as we progressed throughout the split. I want to emphasize that SKT was able to achieve this thanks to the devotion of the players and everyone around them.

How powerful do you think the team is at the moment?

kkOma: Since we still have the playoffs waiting for us, I don’t want to say that the team is “strong” now. All of the players carry immense potential and my role is to help them reach maximum potential.

When was the most difficult period for the team?

kkOma: I can’t recall any specific moment on the spot, but every game that we lost was hard for us. To be specific, I’d have to say when we lost all the 1st games of several different matches.

You have finished the regular season in second place. Are you satisfied with the results?

kkOma: Definitely not. Looking back it’s been a regretful split. It would have been great if we were able to finish first and be qualified for 2019 MSI. However, the Playoffs are what matters now. We will do our best to perform well in the Playoffs and find our way to the Finals.

SKT will face one of the three teams qualified for the postseason games. (Kingzone DragonX, SANDBOX Gaming, or DAMWON Gaming) Do you have any preference?

kkOma: There is no team that we regard as “easy”. Each and every team is strong in their own way. As for the possibilities, I think it matches the rankings. The team will have to prepare thoroughly since ‘playoffs round 2’ will be a difficult match regardless of who we play against.

Looking back at the games that SKT has lost, the losses were often prompted by frequent small mistakes [from the players]. What are your thoughts on this pattern?

kkOma: They are definitely points that need working on.

When SKT reaches the finals they will face Griffin, however, you have lost both matches against them.

kkOma: Griffin is not in our minds at all. I am focused solely on the Playoffs at the moment. To be honest, I think that it would be great to go against Griffin regardless of the past match history, as it means that we qualified for the Finals.

Any last words?

kkOma: I want to thank my players and coaching staff again. We were able to finish the regular season in second thanks to them. Also, I want to thank our fans for the huge support throughout the season.


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