SKT Khan on his next match against Gen.G: “Recently I did a Lee Sin 1v1 with Peanut, and I utterly stomped him. I trust that Clid will beat Peanut.”

Image Source: Twitch/lck_korea

On 19th of July, KST, SK Telecom T1 continued its win streak in the LCK summer split by defeating Jin Air Greenwings on a 2-0 match score.

After the match, Riot Korea interviewed the two MVPs of the match, top laner Kim “Khan” Dong-Ha and jungler Kim “Clid” Tae-min.

I’d like to know how you are feeling about your victory, Clid.

Clid: We haven’t played with the playoffs teams [in the second round robin] just yet. However, it is nice to see that we’re on an upward trend until we start having the difficult matches. I’d like to keep the momentum going and show good performance at the next match

Khan, you’re on a five-game winning streak. What do you think is the source of SK Telecom T1’s victories?

Khan: There are too many factors if I go into it. Overall, I’d say the biggest factor is that everyone is performing so well together.

Your Sejuani stole the stage today. It was your first time playing Sejuani this summer split.

Clid: I’ve been meaning to pick her under the right condition if she was available, but I couldn’t because she was banned.

Jin Air Greenwings did a mid and top lane swap during game one. Did you expect that Azir would be used at the top lane?

Khan: I didn’t predict Azir top at all. I took Doran’s Blade and didn’t have any magic resistance runes. When Azir poked at me once, I was like, I’m going to lose my mind.

How did you plan your route as the jungler when you saw the lane swap, Clid?

Clid: I went for a gank because I sensed that Dong-ha [Khan] was in trouble. I came to gank top so Khan would have an easier time, and I think it played out well

Your skillshots were impressive, Clid. I’d like to hear about how you hit your ultimate on Ezreal at the top lane.

Clid: I was walking with Effort to get vision, and saw a delicious prey. So we feasted.

You predicted that enemy champion would be moving up and did a prediction shot. Do you usually predict those well?

Clid: I’ve won a lot of mind games in the past, and it’s nice that I won another one today.

Image Source: Twitch/lck_korea

Khan, Jin Air Greenwings picked Mordekaiser in game two. What tier would you consider Mordekaiser to be at in the current meta?

Khan: There are counters to [Mordekaiser] when he gets blind picked. Mordekaiser can be good as long as you pick him after seeing the enemy team’s choice at the top lane. We usually consider these kinds of champions second tier. He’s a champion that is iffy as a blind pick, but playable as a counter.

So you would rank him pretty high. Many people struggle to lane against Mordekaiser in the solo queue. However, you, Khan didn’t seem to sweat it at all. Do you have a tip on laning against Mordekaiser?

Khan: Mordekaiser’s main skill is [Death’s Grasp]. The fight against Mordekaiser usually go one way or another depending on whether you dodge that skill or not. As long as you are mindful of [Death’s Grasp] and dodge the skill, you’ll have an easier time handling Mordekaiser.

You got a solo kill as well, Khan. How did you react to the enemy’s engage?
Khan: You can’t escape from Mordekaiser’s ult, but Mordekaiser does get affected by the turret. That’s why he cannot dive if I stay near the turret. If I just tried to 1v1 him blindly I’d have lost. However, I waited for him to use up his skills then I calculated my own skill cooldowns to go in. Guess that worked out.

Image Source: Twitch/lck_korea

SK Telecom T1 has been performing extremely well. You’ll be up against Gen.G next. Gen.G has become a formidable opponent as of late. How do you feel about that match against Gen.G, Clid? Are you prepared?
Clid: Gen.G has been performing well, they play in a very balanced and solid manner. I believe that Peanut has been at the centre of this performance. I’ll have to be cautious of [Peanut].

We’d like to hear your resolution too, Khan.
Khan: We’ll be playing against Gen.G next. Recently I did a Lee Sin 1v1 with Peanut, and I utterly stomped him. I trust that Clid will beat Peanut, while all I’ll have to do is focus on my job.


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