SKT Faker on the next match against Griffin: “If we are not intimidated… and make a stand, I think the match is do-able.”

Image Source: Riot Games

SK Telecom T1 finished the second week of LCK Spring Split back with strong momentum. SKT defeated the powerhouse newcomer to the league, DAMWON Gaming, with a 2-1 match score. The victory promotes the team to second place in 2019 Spring Split rankings.

After SKT’s victory, the press room interviewed SKT’s mid laner, Faker.

How do you feel about the victory, Faker?

After a recent loss, our momentum took a bit of halt. However, through today’s victory, I believe that we can regain confidence for the match against Griffin.

The two teams were in a similar situation. Both teams would have been under pressure because they had lost the previous game. How did you prepare for this match and handle this pressure, especially given that you had lost to DAMWON Gaming during 2018 KeSPA Cup?

It was such an important match that we did whatever possible to prepare for today’s match. I could tell that everyone was pouring their hearts into the preparation. The victory feels even more valuable because we have won the match as a result.

If we look back on the series, the first game was a complete stomp. For game 2 and 3, SKT started with a lead however the game dragged. In your opinion, what was lacking for SKT?

As of game 2, we got disadvantaged from some skirmishes. As of game 1 and 3, we could have snowballed faster, pushed our advantage more aggressively. I am a little regretful of that.

In the game 2 of the series, you picked Corki. Can we ask why you made this choice?

It looked like our draft was lacking in AP damage so we went ahead with Corki.

Your next match is against Griffin. The coach, Kkoma, thought that Griffin was do-able. What do you think the match will go?

Griffin is on a high momentum now, that is true. If we are not intimidated by this and make a stand, I think the match is do-able. If we win that match, it increases our chances towards directly qualifying for the split finals, so we will be preparing hard for the match.

DAMWON Gaming eliminated you during 2018 KeSPA Cup. What adjustments did you make to the team in retrospect of that loss?

In our previous match against DAMWON Gaming, there were moments where we would lose skirmishes and slowly get disadvantages throughout the game. The internal feedback was that we should get our teamwork together and play around skirmishes more, like Hanwha Life Esports.

Thank you for the interview. Do you have any resolutions or final words?

I’d like to make today’s victory a start of a win streak and go back on a high momentum once again. I’d like to win [the League] again, so I will try to make it happen.


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