SKT Effort: “I never thought that Faker-hyung and I looked alike…I look like me. And my parents.”

Effort, left, has been compared to his new teammate and the living legend, Faker; for their likeness in looks and stoic nature. Source: SKT T1 Twitter

SKT T1 managed to keep their slim hope of Playoffs alive by defeating KSV in a convincing 2:0 victory. Today’s matchmakers were Blank and Effort, who both took MVP for the first time in 2018 LCK Spring Split. SPOTV interviewed the players to discuss Blank’s first set win, Effort’s likelihood to Faker and their determination to continue to fight for the last placement in Playoffs.

Blank and Effort, for both of you it is the first MVP of the split. Today must be a special win for both of you.

Blank: Today was such an important match, yet we came out of it victorious, so I’m so happy. I haven’t won a set in this split so I’ve been a bit depressed, so it’s so good to win this set.

Meanwhile – Effort, you are so stoic! Are you feeling happy right now?

Effort: I was under a pressure because I’ve played for the first time in a while. However I played hard and did well and we managed to win, so I am happy.

Effort, there has been a lot of fans saying that you look alike Faker at his debut. A Korean saying is “At face goes his fate”. Do you think you look like Faker and do you think you will follow Faker’s paths?

Effort: I never thought that Faker-hyung and I looked alike. But everyone else has been saying it. So I guess there’s some likeness between us.

So who do you think you look alike?

Effort: I look like me. And my parents.

Blank and Effort receive their first MVP on their match against KSV. Source: SPOTV

Blank, you played so well on Zac today, fitting of an owner of a Zac Worlds skin. We know you’ve been under pressure recently around delivering performance. How was it preparing this match under such a pressure?

Blank: I haven’t been dwelling on my previous records. I just thought that I should prove myself by winning, so my mind was focused on winning and nothing else. Also, I’ve been practising hard in SoloQ, and I hope some of that showed through my performance today.

You’re currently placed 4th in Korean SoloQ, and we heard a rumour that you also have a sub-account in top 10 place in Korean SoloQ. Do you think these practices have changed anything?

Blank: Yeah, I think I’ve definitely improved, I can feel the difference in myself.

You really played great on Zac today. You showed a different playstyle, much aggressive than your usual performance. What are your thoughts on this?

Blank: I give credit to the laners. Because the laners pressured and took control of the lanes, they gave me openings to gank. They set up everything, I just went in at the right times.

Effort, the rookie support player of SKT T1, took MVP on his performance on Rakan. Effort and his stoic mannerism has often drawn comparisons to Faker. Source: SPOTV

This split, SKT T1 introduced a lot of rookie players. Some of these players have been active in other regions, but all of them are rookie to LCK. Effort, Blossom, Thal – How does it feel to have young blood playing on your team?

Blank: It’s good to have young, fresh players in the team – I mean, I guess I’m young too. They have a lot of vigour, so it’s good to see.

Blossom makes really aggressive and pro-active plays, I think it’s something I can learn from. Effort…he has seriousness and composure that’s rare to see on a rookie player. I guess that’s attractive in its way.

Any special rookies in the team that holds a place in your heart?

Blank: (Looks at Effort) I guess Effort? He’s a dear dong-saeng of mine. Yes.

And Effort, who’s the hyung that you look up to the most in the team

Effort: (Looks at Blank) I say Blank hyung.

Any last words to the fans?

Effort: It’s good to play after such a long time and take away a win. I hope that I continue to compete in matches and continue to win.

Blank: The goal is to go to post-season. And I really hope that we get to go to MSI.


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