Rush and Fenix join Echo Fox

On 30th of December, Echo Fox announced that the team has welcomed Rush and Fenix into the team’s roster.

Rush is one of the most celebrated personalities in NA streaming industry. Born in South Korea, he debuted for NA LCS as a jungler for Team Impulse in 2015. Rush transferred to Cloud9 and had a good season 2016, until July 2016 when he had to leave the team due to the update to Riot’s import rule. In 2018, Rush transferred to LCK and played for KT Rolster, winning LCK 2018 Spring Split.

Fenix debuted as a top laner for Eat Sleep Game of LCK in 2013, the roster which was picked up by Jin Air Greenwings shortly after. From 2015 began to play NA LCS’s Team Liquid as a mid laner. After this, Fenix played for a series of NA teams including most recently Echo Fox, who he played from Spring 2018 to mid-2018. Since then, Fenix has been vocal on criticizing Echo Fox organization on the sudden dismissal from the team. Fenix’s re-addition to the team comes as a surprise to NA LCS fans and supporters of Fenix.


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