Rascal and PawN return to LCK Summer Split

KeSPA, Korean eSports ​Association, revealed the rosters Thursday for the League Champions Korea summer split. Fans noticed two familiar names on the list of players: Rascal of Kingzone DragonX and Pawn of KT Rolsters.

According to KeSPA’s official twitter, Rascal will return to play in Kingzone DragonX effective from the 2nd round of LCK Spring Split. Rascal was excluded from the team roster earlier this year after controversies over his comments about the late president Roh and the manner of his death.

Meanwhile, PawN will return to play in KT Rolsters after his extended hiatus from the game, presumably from his back injury. The roster also includes new substitute players, including Kingen, a “super-rookie” from Korean Solo Q.


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